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*High Quality* HCL's Portland, Oregon pick-up thread *56K Beware*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HCL, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So I get buds from towns all around in Oregon and figured I'd start a pick up thread after getting a pretty good camera on my cell phone. Welcome to the house of dank!




    White Widow

    Enjoy, more to come. :smoke:
  2. Beautiful buds and pics man.

    Can I recommend cropping your pictures a little bit? Some pictures are like, 90% your beautiful wood and not bud. :D And then they'd be a little smaller and everything too, plus I imagine your camera can take pictures at huge resolutions so if you crop it you can have huge pictures of your bud only. I recommend irfanview for a free, easy, simple photo editing program.

    Definitely some porn either way though. :eek: +rep
  3. Those look extremely good. price?
  4. that trinity looks great
  5. Everything is $40/eighth or cheaper.

    EDIT: @Faded, I am going to make them thumbnails next time so you can just click them and see the full size.
  6. You BASTARD :smoke:
  7. Best part? The guy I got the Trinity from does $30/eighth :eek:
  8. ...i get 50 an 1/8th of dank...i hate you....:smoke:
  9. These are the prices I pay as well.

    If I pay 30 an eighth and it's dank, it's going to be outdoor dank. :( Not that I don't like outdoor, just doesn't have the same taste.
  10. Lol come to oregon for the dankest weed you've ever smoked at the cheapest price you've ever paid
  11. Ain't that the damn truth!
  12. i want that was that?

  13. SO dank! :smoke:
  14. You lucky bastard
  15. why you showin people bammer
  16. Cause it's all I fuck with. :rolleyes:
  17. that white widow brings a tear to my eye. yo HCL you ever pick up anything from bend?
  18. Not that I'm aware of, but who knows where it comes from sometimes? :smoke:
  19. Lucky were im at in ohio i get buds for 55-60 an eight. Sometimes 50 but only if my guy feels like it
  20. Dude, im visiting portland from nj... I literally walked back and forth at the waterfront and skidmore fountain for 5 hours, only person that approuched me wanted 25cents for his dog...

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