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  1. Hey all.
    I'm looking to purchase a new bong with a budget of about $300-$350. I want it to be very high quality glass and it would ideally have very little drag. I was thinking maybe a S.B. or illadelph straight beaker with an inline ash catcher? Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.  

  2. Check out all the SYN showerhead and fixed dome models. I just made a thread a few days ago about buying a bong around $200 and came to decide on the SYN fixed dome perc. If I had more to spend there are a lot of awesome looking pieces I would go for instead.

    That's the one I decided on. Apparently these and showerheads have very little drag, I haven't personally tried them yet but it seems well designed.
  3. Nice piece for $200.
  4. $200 Custom Fritted Disc mayhaps?
  5. he did say he looking for something with low drag though, and a fritted disc is about as far away from that as you can get.
  6. I vape 90% of the time and have a bubbler but really starting to want a bong for about the same price. Keep us updated on what you get.
  7. My tube has more airflow, feels like no drag at all, and way better a FD
  8. That AC is fucking sick man!!
  9. 15 bucks from china, works like a dream too.
  10. Omg i am i need of a 90 degree ash catcher, where did you get yours for 15???
  11. For 350 look into sovergenty and mobius. David goldstein would be okay too. But I love the mobius bubblers. Can get the ion ones for 300 to 350
  12. David G's IMO have too much drag, at least the last three and only three I have used did.
  13. EFS double gridded donut. ~300, best value for your coin BY FAR.
    EFS has the cleanest grid Work I've seen from small time blowers. Fucking redick.
  15. I'll concur with the quality of EFS. Plus... Eat, Fuck, Skydive is Epic.

    One of my two favorite rigs, I have.
  16. eat, fuck and skydive are artists?
    i cant find em on google 
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    efs is one artist, justin morrell or something like that, hes on fb
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    Yeah, just one guy. Google the acronym.

    EDIT: Oops. Yes, his name is Justin Morrell and you will find him on fb also.

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