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  1. Maybe it is just me but when I smoke and take medication for ADD. (grass city rules say I cant talk about other drugs I dunno if that includes prescribed ones). but anyways when doing this I love thinking and talking about philosiphy.

    So here it goes. I will start with one thing I have been thinking about. If you want to respond go ahead or you can offer up another philosiphy about anything else. Just give your own two cents and try to blow my mind.

    What is the meaning of living in a culture and time with no risks? I understand the most basic philosphocal idea "the meaning of life" is dependant on in what terms, very well gone over in wikipedia. But although scientifically it is to survive and reproduce but it is nearly impossible to not survive in the American culutre and also near impossible to not reproduce if one puts in ANY effort. However it seems to me people live in hopes of better futures, they feel they will be happy one day because society implants the idea that they will be. People feel that if they were to die, or break rules that made them actually happy it would hurt other people whose feelings they should care about more than their own. This guilt is what forces people to conform into the American society or most societies in general. So why do people agree to put up with this guilt and conform to the common law? What is the point in living in a world without risk or challange of our basic human purpose?

    With the basic purpose of life in mind let us consider this. The world moves in stages, stages of prosperiety and life, and then ones of near death. However because we have the important qualities in our planet for life, which unles they are shot out of our atmosphere or our planet is broken into many peices the life cycle will always eventually come back. It would take one molecule and millions of years but life on earth will always come back. So why do people live in a place where they must do things for guilt and hope of the future when their life is meaningless in the end? eventually the human race will be outted by natural causes and the cycles of the earth, we are not the hardest of things, we are soft and squishy are very dependant on resources are ominvourous and can only survive by eating other things. We will not be the species to survive the transition from prosperiety to death so why live our trivial lives to hope for the impossible?:confused::confused:

    not very sound philosophy I know. But if someone respnonds and wants to get more into it I promise to put in more effort and a couple extra bowls.

    TheDankestFish :smoking:
  2. well i dont get what your tryin to say really...but why not just live life normally...get money, be happy, start a family have fun? anything is possible..people make it complicated instead i think life should be simple..its already hard and tough ( well not for all ) we should strive to live as easy as possible. well thats my two cents lol i still dont understand what your trying to say

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