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  1. Yo. Why are feet so awkward and hard to use. like why dont we have hands for feet. i feel like we arent adapt enough yet. feet are so fucking bobo.. toes dont even do shit. like why cant we just have opposable thumbs? feet dont make s sense :confused: it would be so much more logical to just have hands for feet??
  2. Toes are actually valuable for balance lol

    I like mah feet. They get me from point A to B :smoke:
  3. Feet freak me man. If I'm high and start to stare at my feet they really bug me out
  4. Our feet used to be just as nimble as our hands, but as we began standing upright instead of on all fours, we slowly evolved for our upright structure. Why? Because with an upright stance we are more able to use tools and carry things with both hands. Before, as with four legs, we had to carry something with one hand and limp with our other hand. So our feet have become strong structures to hold us upright and straight. We are capable of much more when they are like this.
  5. Wearing shoes doesnt help.

  6. Exactly. It's like you're walking on blocks. with a more hand-like foot you can do a lot more
  7. You ever worn Vibram Five Finger shoes?

    There the ones with the toes :D

    Feel way more natural on my feet than generic shoes
  8. Maybe because we walk on flat surfaces and don't climb trees like monkeys.

  9. bending down to pick something would be a lot harder than having opposable thumbs on your feet.
  10. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rICEDYgig3w&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]

    some people find feet quite useful...especially if they dont have hands.
  11. but then how would I get my first footjob :confused:

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    Human feet are much better equipped to handle the stress of standing upright all day erry day than other apes' feet; solid, strong, springy arched structure, etc. It allows us to walk and run with relative ease, something a floppy hand-foot wouldn't be able to do. This foot design allowed primitive humans to hunt and travel better than any other ape.

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