High PH locking out nutes for BENEFIT ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by coopdevillan, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. \t\t\t \t\t\tSo Im in the middle of flushing my crop with tap water PPM 700. I know I know........
    But its what I am using as of now so thats that[​IMG] Well my theory was this, We flush to rid our plants of un-wanted chemicals and such, well what if I were toUPp the PH or hell if need be DOWN the PH to cause those extra 700 PPM to NOT be "absorbed" into the plant or even so as the plants absorb LESS of the 700 PPM ? Just a thought. :wave:

  2. while that seems like a great idea, only some nutes get locked out depending on + or - Ph, so you can never get them all out that way. but sounds like you should test it on a plant and let the world know

  3. thanks for the support :hello: Yeah it was just a thought but so was a key and a kite right. What a dork he was lol.
  4. The problem you have is chemical.

    At a lower pH (sub 5.0) you're going to allow the Nitrogen to be released from carbon and oxygen bonds. At a higher pH you're going to be releasing more potassium and manganese from the soil.

    I don't think pH is going to beat out flushing. The science isn't really supportive of using that method as a mainstay.
  5. Im sorry guys I have already got a super crop from these plants. I neglected to post that my last post :) Come check it out its on my tag red and green. Herijuana is one of the best nugs I EVER EVER EVER saw hands down !!
  6. Isn't that strain called something else commonly?
  7. You never heard of Herijuana :eek: Nope to my knowledge it is what it is. Look it up and take a look at my grow.:wave:
  8. No, I've heard of it, I thought it was called by another name, perhaps I'm thinking of something else.

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