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High or Drunk First?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jt233, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So I'm not much of a drinker if I'm going to drink beer which is only once every few months I drink corona or heineke I like margaritas and coke and rum. My question to the people who smoke and drink is weather it's better to get drunk then smoke? Smoke then drink?
  2. Drink than smoke IMO. When I smoke the last thing I want is to is taint a beautiful high with being drunk. However, when I am drunk the first thing I want to do is improve being drunk by getting a little high.
  3. I always smoke before I drink, but that's just me.
  4. smoke first. Getting too drunk and then smoking can turn ugly quick.
  5. Shots, then smoke, then shots--can't go wrong
  6. Smoke, then don't drink.

    I only drink if I have no weed.
  7. I hate alcohol, but I still drink from time to time. I've only been crossed twice and hated it, but I smoked then drank.

  8. ^sounds like what id be doing.
  9. smoking after drinking s usually how i end the night... sometimes it makes me really nauseous though which kinda sucks. but sometimes, if i have a plan to go out to drink but then smoke before, i end up wanting to just sit around and so that kinda sucks too... so i'd say do them together and get sauced
  10. Grass before beer and you're in the clear ;)
  11. Smoke then drink. So many people get sick and the spins if you drink then smoke. Some people can handle it but i wouldn't risk it. Or just smoke.
  12. id drink then smoke. once u smoke u dont wanna drink.
  13. Smoke drink smoke ;)
  14. I always like to get drunk then smoke. It is a better combo that way imo.
  15. Whenever I try and smoke after drinking, it makes me want to gag. I'd try smoking first, that way the high will be nice for a bit before the alcohol kicks in.
  16. When I'm gonna get drunk I usually dont blaze for a couple hours before cause when I'm blazed I can't drink fast enough. But once I'm drunk I can't get a good high I could smoke a blunt to my dome and wanna smoke more but I won't cause I know it won't help.
  17. i like drinking and i like smoking but never both together. last time i got drunk and high i puked on my girlfriend.
  18. If I drink and smoke, I always drink before smoking. If I smoke before it seems like I don't get drunk at all, just get really tired. And when I try to drink after smoking, alcohol tastes disgusting.
  19. The only time I ever drink (I hate the taste beyond belief) is at parties sometimes and if I'm showing up at a party there's a 99% chance I'm already blazed
  20. I almost always get sick when I smoke after drinking a lot. I smoke tons then drink and be drunk for a while then smoke before bed.

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