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High off Cannabutter without cooking it

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by buddybaker, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So, I just got some free cannabutter but I can't cook it because I live with my mother. Is there any other ways, discreet of course, that I can get high off of it?

  2. if the cannabutter is already made then just make toast
  3. Just eat it raw or make toast, you dont eat it for the flavor.
  4. Shove it up your ass, i'm not joking either.
  5. Toast, bagels grilled cheese. I like it on baked potatoes or mashed potatoes use it on anything you would normally but butter on
  6. It doesn't taste very good raw...definitely use it as a spread. If it's real, the THC has been activated so it's ready for use as is. You don't need to get very creative in order to consume it.
  7. toast!!!   damn never had cannabutter toast
    with blackberry jelly
    ummm ummm sounds delicious
    that would be a cool way to wake n bake/breakfast... :smoke:
    Canna-coconut oil toast is actually incredible... Just plain like that.
  9. I love coconut! coconut yogurt, coconut cake, coconut curry
    I jus cant get enough.  I will have to try this out.  Only infusion I have made so far is peanut cannabutter and have that down to a T.
    Mabye you can link me to a keen coconut infusion recipe
    Edibles are great!
    Well, this doesn;t have much coconut taste at all. Just a pure oil source for edibles, one of the best ones to use with cannanis for max potency and taste. 
    I hate coconut flavors, coconut oil is very mild.
    But, BKS is known to use coconut oil as her main source, she has a sticky in the edibles subsection:


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