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High off already absorbed thc ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by twc97, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. is it possoble to bring out thc in yiur body and get high off of it ?
  2. No, the cannabinoids in your body after smoking are already metabolized.
  3. Thc is fat soluble. So this means when you burn fat (most commonly when you are fasting or have barely eaten) it will come out into your system and yes, you will feel high. This can happen any day as long as you've smoked within a 2 weeks Max. Obviously it works better the closer to the last time you've smoked. But believe me this works, has happened to me a few times
  4. i skated for like 2 hours today and i was sober going into it, afterwards my eyes were bloodshot and i felt pretty dazed and semi high. it seems to bring out a little bit of trippy vision and disorientation more so than actually feeling high though
  5. After heavy blaze sessions if I workout super hard the next day I can get high off burning fat and sweating hard but its not a happy high, the kind i like, its more of a lazy tired high
  6. That just seems like a paradox to me. To smoke enough to have that much THC built up in your system, but be light weight enough to get high off of it. Strange....

  7. That's because you worked out "super hard" and youre tired lol
  8. after my second time smoking the next day i was in the sun all day at the skatepark and when i got home i was really happy and i was confused thinking i was 'still high'
  9. There was only one time I felt kinda high from stored THC, and that was after a long walk around my campus. And even then it only felt like I smoked 1/4 of a joint.
  10. Sometimes I get a little headrush a day after but not high.

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