High Light Intensity = Really Tight Nodes

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  1. I'm growing 3 skywalkers and a jellybean kush right now. My skywalkers are only a week old, and they've been under a 400 watt metal halide light in a 2'x2'x3.5' fridge grow box. What's interesting is that this is probably way too much light for this box, but I've got ridiculous amounts of air flow and a CO2 setup (30 gallon composter) going right into the intake and temps are running 68-84 or so. It comes out to 100 watts/sq ft (4 sq ft and 400 watts), which is how much energy I've heard the sun puts out. I know people say it's impossible to replicate the sun, and I know the spectrum isn't quite the same, but I think my setup has an equal intensity. And this high light intensity has led to extremely close node spacing. I mean really really tight node spacing, like 1/4" spacing. Here's a pic, with a mechanical pencil in the view for perspective. The plants aren't real big yet but I think this is going to make some really dense nugs due to the tight spacing. So what do you guys think? Am I wasting my electricity or will the close node spacing make a significant difference in yield or quality?

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  2. The colors look like the pH may be off. Check the soil pH if you haven't already.

    Shorter internodal spacing means more buds will be closer to the light. It doesn't affect the potency of the best buds on the plant, but causes more of the buds to be at or closer to that potency level. More light reaching more buds also means higher yield, assuming the plant gets enough food for the extra growth.
  3. That's good to know, thanks. I haven't checked the pH yet but I will soon. Do you think that's what caused the yellowness of the leaves?
  4. And the purpleness of the stems, too.
  5. It's crazy that that's one week old, are you sure? You aren't pulling our leg? One week from sprout? or what?
  6. It's a one week old clone, not from seed. That would be ridiculous. But this was an already rooted clone, the point I was trying to make was that since I've only had it a week, only the top little section has really tight nodes. I'm getting a ph meter soon to fix the ph problems.

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