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High jobs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ehngage, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I just wanna clarify this isn't a "where do you work" thread. I wanna know what your favorite jobs were (preferably the ones where you got to go baked)

    My favorite job was being a detailer for a car company. I hardly saw anyone or spoke to anyone, so going stoned was a very easy task =) and washing cars baked makes for a fun experience.
  2. part time as a bike messenger, got to ride all over the city and get paid, just not enough though.
  3. That was the same problem I had too, sucks when you lose a good job =(
  4. host at a resturant...
    weed made me want to talk more to them instead of the standard greetings if it was slow that day. just pop in some eyedrops and I was good to go.
  5. -delivery driver for Po'Boys
    -cashier at Burger King
    -marketing team member
    -house cleaning

    awesome high jobs.
  6. Cook at a restaurant. I used to work at one where everyone on the line smoked and around 5ish before the dinner rush we would load a couple bowls and pass 'em down the line. :smoke:
  7. I need a job that is out of the way of people if i'm gonna smoke. My short term gets so shot, I could take a customers order and forget what it was before I wrote it down... Lol
  8. summer youth program for the state park service. We'd go out in vans, 10-15 teens per van and a crew chief/driver. Supposed to clear trails, general park maintenance. No power equipment so it was all machetes, saws, and manual weed-wackers.

    All we did was hang out, smoke weed, go swimming, listen to music, and get paid. Best job I ever had.
  9. Pizza Delivery man. All I do is drive and when I'm not driving all I do is take dishes out of the dishwasher and put them on the shelf where they need to be which happens to be right next to me haha. :smoke:
  10. Short order cook... Making hundreds of sliders daily... They won't notice a few missing....
  11. Lifegaurding... being high actually helps me concentrate.
  12. I used to lifegaurd high. Whataburger was fun high.

    My current job as an owner/manager at a collision shop is a blast while baked.
  13. I am Liberty Tax Waiver, need
    I say more?
  14. I work closing shifts on the weekends at Tim Hortons and people come in like 10 minutes before close and their like can I have 10 timbits and I'm like, "Fuck it, I'm gonna give you 70 okay?"

    Managers don't care because shit goes in the garbage anyway.
  15. pizza cook/delivery man
  16. I'm the pool monitor at a hotel. Smoking on the roof? fun shit right there man.

    and if there's no one in the pool i pretty much just walk around the hotel running errands for the front desk. Taking pillows to rooms, mopping the floor, etc. It's a blast when i'm high.

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