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  1. Hello, I work with my parents at their medical growing facility, and we are having some trouble controlling the humidity. We have 135 plants in soil in a fairly large room. We have an air filtration system bringing in fresh air along with multiple fans to keep air flowing throughout the room. Our humidity stays around 65%, and if we get it below it doesn’t stay low for long. We have 2 larger dehumidifiers that seem to make a little bit of a difference but not enough. We just went into flower earlier this week and we really need to get our humidity below 50%. Thanks in advance.
  2. How’s your temps? If you could afford to drop the temp down a few degrees by adding ac you’d also be dehumidifying

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    Depending on your temps, 65% isn't bad even during flowering. A lot of people on here don't mention how crucial VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) can be the growth of plants. Even more so when in CO2 controlled environments.

    Around 80 degrees and 65% humidity is about the highest I like running without CO2.

    When running CO2, plants can take higher temps(85-90 degrees) and about 70% humidity.

    VPD is horticultural science at its finest lol

    In the included chart you want to stay in the green.
  4. We do have an A/C unit for this room. We try to keep it around 70 degrees in there but definitely under 75. We live in Oklahoma and put our plants on a 12/12 light cycle so we turn the lights on at night and keep them off during the day to make the temperature easier to control.
  5. On the chart we’re in the green, but one of our main concerns is PM.
  6. With proper airflow and ventilation, mold and PM shouldn't be a problem.

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