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High grade system advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sharkboh, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. System advice and Is one 400w HPS light big enough for 3 small plants?
    Hi guys, on my 4th grow and try to get high grade results, each grow has got better but still not high grade. I just changed my set up from a huge NFT and flat net scrog because couldn't get in and around the back and the plants were spread too far apart.

    My new system Is as follows -
    Flying Dutchman G Force feminised.
    1.2x1.2x2.4m tent as before.
    2 x 400w HPS air cooled lightsas before.
    2 x 205 GT NFT trays.
    2 scrogs 920x300mm base with 300mm height and 150mm angle from base up to top, so basically stadium/bath tub shape, used for support and to tie brances to sides to spread evenly and control height, I measured the angle of my lights and designed the scrog size do everything inside it would get hit with the light.
    Got a 5" and a 4" inlet fan sucking in fresh air and a 20" osolating fan.
    Use a dehumifier in later bloom to keep it at 50%.

    I use canna flower nutes, a little seeweed extract during week 1 flower.
    Big bud wks 2-4, week 5 Pk13-14 boost.
    Flush for one week.

    My questions are -

    1) is three plants too many? I only veg till about 12-15 inches using a T5 for two weeks to be gentle abd two keep them tight and a 250w air cooled MH fit two weeks to finish them off. I usually top them once during veg. I did a little super crop it the top went mental on one and got loads of tops.

    2) should I stop topping cos it effects potency?

    3) is my tent to big and thus light gets wasted because it travels a distance to the walls before bring bounced off?

    4) will I be better off with two plants because theres only do much light available to be absorbed Zbd using 3 plants is sucking up too much?

    My last grow was good even on the old system, some buds were sweet avd others standard, guessing due to plants being spread on big tray.

    Anyone growing high grade? Comments would be most welcome...



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