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  1. Hi everyone . Just thought I'd introduce myself as the pot smoking, dope growing lesbian from British columbia, canada. I'm Just waiting for my first outdoor crop to come down . I grew a beautiful HAWIIAN STRAIN. The plants are soaking up all the sun they can get. Just wondering if any one knows whether it is better to take off the giant leaves in the budding stage or if it is best to leave them on. I've been told to leave them on and take them off. One frind said to leave them on because on cloudy days the big leaves draw light in for the plant . The other friend said to take them off so the buds can draw more energy from the sun themselves.
    Pleeease someone point me in the right direction. I want my babies to grow up beautiful. Thanks you guys for any help at all.
  2. an old friend of mine in fla
    calls those "sucker leaves"
    and sayes too pluck them
    to they dont suck up any of
    the thc porduced
    and the production
    can consentraite on
    the buds....

    dont know if he is right
    but he grows some killer buds
    and has been doing it for longer
    than alot of us have been smoking
    35 yrs of growing

    i have also heard
    the story about needing the leaves
    to pick up light

    i guess it is up too you
    in the end

    i am growing my first 2 plants right now
    toping one ,one way
    and the other another way

    also plan too pull "sucker leaves "
    from one and not the other

    hope to find what works for me

    good luck
  3. HIGH All, hey mon welcome to the City. Me I take them O.F.F.F. when they start to go yellow. The dead matter on the plant tends to bring on the mold here on The WET Coast. As dirtydingusus said "i guess it is up too you
    in the end".

    Good Luck on your first outdoor grow mon, hope everything works out for you. Again Welcome to Grasscity

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