High date ideas?

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  1. There’s a really pretty girl I’m talking to, and she gets high and/or drunk pretty much every weekend. I wanted to go on a date with her, and thought it would be a good idea to smoke with her and then go on a date. I was thinking Putt Putt or bowling, but idk how fun those would be. Any ideas? New to the forum by the way.

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  2. Can't go wrong with either of those.
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  3. Putt putt sounds perfect. You could then go smoke and go out to eat somewhere after.
  4. High & drunk every weekend?

    She's probably slutty as fuck, getting dicked down by whoever on a weekly basis.

    No offense, don't catch the feels and just bring her to your place and getcha dick wet.
  5. Wear a rubber billy boy.

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
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    My type of girl. Just keep it simple and remember the objective. Fuck bowling and putt putt LMAO. OP, invite her over for a pregame sesh. Keep the house a little bit on the cool side. Smoke, drink, watch some Netflix and/or TV and just chill for a little bit on the couch under a cover together and cuddle up and then boom, you should be smashing that for the rest of the night. Bowling, putt putt..no need. You just saved money and mission accomplished until next week.

    ...and no I'm not joking lol. If a girl is into you, then you can skip some of that stuff until like next next time.
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  7. Have to agree with this, most women I've known that get fucked up every weekend tend to be pretty big whores. Unless this is a rare case of a sweet faithful girl who just enjoys her smoking and drinking, keep her on your radar as a fuck buddy, enjoy your fun, don't fall for her
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  8. Haha, you could be right. She’s a real prep at my school but goes out every weekend and smokes, drinks, parties and shit.

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  9. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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  10. We'll look at it this way, you probably don't wanna fall in love with her, but my guess she'll give you the best suck of your life
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  11. That’s great, but also a problem. I tend to not let go very easily.

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  12. It's all great to have some feels, but you gotta see the situation for what it is.

    I met a chick who is cool as fuck, she gets high & drunk often, and by often I mean more than once a week.

    She's a huge ho, she openly admits to the fact, and seems rather proud of it.

    Party with your crush, make her your fuck buddy, get your fucking nut, but do not, DO NOT, try to make her your exclusive GF.

    I was young once, I had a GF who liked to party. Guess what? All she was, was drama and deceipt! She lead me to believe that she was at home asleep, only to find out years later she was partying it up. She broke up w/ me just to stay in a hotel for a week and get her brains fucked out by a co-worker, and drink from a bottle! I went home to visit my family, and the cunt was at a topless party shaking her titties all around for everyone but me to see!

    Ho's will be Ho's! Take the red pill and save yourself some greif.
  13. There's nothing wrong with drinking on the weekends.. it's quite normal..just because you're single/unhappy doesn't mean everybody else needs to be too.
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  14. When I take girls home it usually ends up like
    "cool you play guitar"
    "Play some"
    I don't know why but playing the guitar has gotten me more pussy than anything else.

    I got a bit of topic smoking a joint and walking to mcdonalds is a pretty good first date in my opinion
  15. She sounds like a fun girl. Good luck and have a good time.

  16. its you who TAKE her on a date not the other way round

    its You who take her to bed...not her taking you ..???

    as for date locations a small upmarket and quiet cafe is good for a max of 30mins

    or be like the broken hearts above

    control yourself and you control the situation

    avoid booze and drugs until you fucked her

    at your place on about the 3rd date

    when you can tell her how old you really are

    good luck and use a condom

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