high cholesterol?

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  1. just got a call from my doctor about receiving my blood work
    she was concerned because my cholesterol was a bit high, and told me to eat less red meat... im probably going to ignore that advice though lol
    HDL 68 (fuckin awesome lol)
    LDL 206 (slightly high?)
    is anything wrong here? i live pretty active lifestlye

  2. So you want to ignore your doctor's advice yet you seek advice out from pothead teenagers on the internet.
    cool dude, thanks for contributing nothing lol
    Get off the red meat man. It's hard I know. I'm a Beefatarian too. But I have been tearing up skinless chicken breasts and chopping up my own boneless pork loins into thick chops. And when I can...I get Bison. I'd take Bison over Bovine any day of the week now.
    My cholesterol is good...But my blood pressure is off the charts. 185/95-195/110 is where I hover. It's fucked up living in stroke territory. But you are in heart attack territory. Hope you don't smoke tobacco. 
    You already know what's wrong though.  You have a slightly high LDL and that can be combated by eating less red meat which you already know you aren't going to do.
    What do you want us to tell you?
    Nothing is wrong.  Ok there I said it. 
  6. Granny is who you should talk too. Hemp seed oil is good for bringing down cholesterol. Probably another reason Big Pharma lobbied to get that evil weed to remain ion the list even though it has no drug value.
    Take it easy on OP...old man is close to a heart attack don't cha know? lol
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    i wasn't being clear. i intentionally eat saturated fat, and i specifically look for high fat food. im not here to explain my lifestyle, im looking for information that a general practitioner might not necessarily share. 
    clearly you dont have information i dont already know, so feel free to fuck off at any time you know what im saying?
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    heart attack territory? what other signs indicate that other than cholesterol? because i feel like a lot of people including medical professionals have a lot of misconceptions here
    my blood pressure is around 120/80, i can easily jog 5 or 6 miles in an hour, my resting heart rate is around 50. all of this would indicate amazing cardio health right?
  10. And that is where they don't know. No...that doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy. You have high cholesterol. And over time it causes plaque buildup and eventually one of those little pieces breaks off and .......
     Yeah, hit Granny up with a PM. I'd trust her over my doc any day of the week.
    I had a buddy that was in great health. And looked good and fit..one day after a paintball tournament he said he felt like his blood sugar was low and laid down...Fell over and had to get shocked 5 times. Paramedic told us he did chest compressions all the way to the hospital. Dude was 38. Which is how old I am. And I think about that every damned time I fire up a cigarette or eat a cheeseburger. 
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    I'd hate to know what my cholesterol is, I typically eat a half pound of red meat a day  :bolt:
    Of course I smoke a little over a pack a day to, but that's ending the first of March had it on my plans for a couple months now.
    on average i eat 2 to 3 lb of meat a day. 
    you should be fine.
  13. lower your calorie intake and exercise. reduce sodium to reduce BP( which can be done by simply reducing calorie intake).
  14. Holy shit man, I thought I was bad haha. I eat and eat cause I don't gain weight easily. Every time I use to go to McDonald's id throw down 2 mcdouble a mchicken and a large fry. Can't do that anymore though.
    Shit. I can't lower my calorie intake, I have been trying to lower my sodium intake. More vegetables, and less 10% solution added prepackaged meats. I need those calories to maintain my big old man titties. They used to be nice and square...but lately as I get older I'm starting to get a soft old man boner when I see them in the mirror. Look like Demi Moore's when she played that stripper.... :eek:
  16. 4 main food groups man I see. Chops, steaks, ribs and burger huh? lol
    i used to eat like you lol. idk if bk still has this but they used to have these bacon cheeseburgers for 1$ i would eat 5 of them mofos when the munchies struck and feel like shit for 3 hours hahah
    now im eating grass-fed beef, free range pork and chicken, wild fish etc so theres a better nutrient profile and better taste in the meat.
  18. Actually just read a male should eat 6.5 ounces of meat a day which is 1.5 ounces under half a pound. I suppose I'm not as bad as I thought.
    that's probably based on the USDA recommended grain diet. 
    which most people would tell you is bullshit 
  20. Eating out just kills me, I go for the biggest burger usually on the menu.

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