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  1. What expensive, funny, strange things have you boughten high?
  2. I bought both my grandmas mission impossible 3 last christmas for 3 bucks each.. haha ended up having to go back and get better gifts:rolleyes:
  3. haha ok so i NEVER wear hats, idk they just dont look good on me...once i was at a 3 day music festival and i was completely fucked up on drugs im not allowed to talk about...i see this vendor selling these blank white trucker hats and the guy who sells them says u can ask for anything to be written on the hat and he draws SICK stuff on there in like 20-30 minutes, i was so spun out of my mind that i bought one instantly and had the guy write Dubstep on it, shit looks sick but hats just dont look good on me, i ended up selling it for the price i bought it for the next day, but its just a funny story
  4. Another quarter after smoking 3 blunts of the quarter i bought ~30 minutes earlier. :smoke:
  5. 50 dollars at Taco Bell for me and my friends. I'm actually good at not implusively buying things, except shoes, I always manage to buy shoes when I don't get paid for another week.
  6. I think you should buy a dictionary.
  7. for mothers day i went shopping with my friend....we ended up going to block buster and doing a 4 movies for 20 dollars (420 hahaha) and buy weed with the rest. i bought my mom 28 weeks later and a kunfu movie.....i thought about it later when my cousin called me a idiot
  8. hahaha alright he does have a good point even if it is a little bit rough ;)
  9. A red and black lumberjack hat...I wore it the entire day, just cause it was so fucking hilarious :)
  10. Went to the mall, saw a Petco, fell madly in love with the idea of getting a lot of hamsters and starting a colony. Luckily for my wallet/ reputation, it was closed. Went back the next day and got a rat. Better idea? Not sure....

  11. You should buy some Midol bitch.
  12. this was yesterday actually. Got completly blazed with my gf and went to a liquor store. Saw a monkey shaped lighter and i thought it was the most amazing thing. So i bought it and told my gf "happy early birthday" and lit another blunt with it :D.

    oh and the funny thing is that just an hour before i had bought a three pack of BIC lighters :smoke:
  13. I bought more weed and got even more high :smoke:
  14. oh and i chased my gf around with the monkey lighter yelling "yoga firee!!" since the flame comes from its mouth
  15. went to my local headshop and bought about $40 worth of papes and swishers that I latter smoked in about a week
    had like 10 packs of zen papers(they had a jar filled with them for 99 cents each so I grabbed a handful) and like 20 blunt wraps
  16. Rubix Cube,ninja stars, bear mace, night vision monocular , carabeaners( i dont climb) :smoke:

  17. That sounds AWESOME.

    I got high and bought an elephant pipe. Then proceeded to make a thread about it.

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