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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Brassman27, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Sup blades.

    So last night I was hitting one bowl of purple erkle from my bong and something kind of came over me.

    Let me see if anyone else who has noticed this....

    So as I'm hitting the bowl, I get blazed quick (just came back from the gym). I start to talk to myself a lot when I get stoned. But as I'm talking to myself going about my apartment cleaning, chilling etc. I notice that my left side of my head REALLY feels strained/tired. I was actually getting really tired of thinking so damn much. For those of you blades who don't know, the left hemisphere of your brain allows for speech, analytical skills, math, reading, etc while the right hemisphere is primarily visual, sounds, lights, colors, music etc.

    So after 10 minutes I notice that my brains are LITERALLY conversing with one another. The left is telling the right brain to be quiet so it can think of how to clean and do whatever tasks I was doing.

    I finally got SO FED UP with my left brain thinking too hard and my right brain told it to shut the fuck up. Literally. I even said it outloud. But all stoners should know that your innerself is projected onto your outerself when you are high.

    So I told my left hemisphere to shut the fuck up. And it did!!!! My right hemisphere took over and I completely forgot what I was doing but everything became more colorful and wonderful. Things were simpler and I didn't care for names of objects or anything involved with thinking analytically.

    To wrap things up, when I went to bed my roomie had some radiohead playing softly. I noticed that if I slept on my left side, my right ear (which is controlled by the left hemisphere) was hearing the music and I was TRIPPING BALLS. I couldn't stop freaking out for some reason. So I decided to turn on my right side and....AH! I was calm! The music totally took me into deep sleep and my right brain was happy. I could actually FEEL my right brain working.

    Very cool to analyze which side of your brain is functioning when. Give it a try when you blaze next time! :D
  2. That's nice, very nice. I like it. :)
  3. **bummp** lolz
  4. Are you guys doing the Bump? Disco, In the S+N?:eek:

    That's all right brain, dude.:D

    "I love to go to right brain-ville, and let my mind swell, and leave ma-dulla oblon-gata, get a weed smell"...

    Sorry that was more dancehall than disco.

    Anyway, try to let your cerebral halves separate and then re-mix them. The kix is in the mix!

    I have got to stop watching VH1.;)

    Smoke 'em.:smoking:
  5. Sounds like your a skitzo, just messin with yah. I dunno when ever i get high it feels like the top and front of my brain is being fludded with energy drinks.
  6. this intrigues me. i know a kid who literally got his brain split into two halves because they thought it would help with his epilepsy.

    here is a link to a video with experiments being done on someone who has had the procedure.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMLzP1VCANo&feature=related
  7. Holy shit! i think it worked!

  8. haha nice man. I think most people don't ever think about focusing how their brain functions. It essentially is just a really powerful super computer that can switch gears faster then you can think about it :cool:
  9. i actually experienced this exact same thing about 2 weeks ago when i toked up, no joke. really interesting.
  10. sooooooo your a skitzo.... cool
  11. does that mean i could potentially be? or just like it was just cuz i was stoned?
  12. I think that term just has been given a bad stigma. Skitzo means that your left and right talk to each other. I'm skitziod, because I think with both my left and right equally.

    My left and right don't talk to each other any more, I have developed my succinct personalities, but that isn't to say I'm crazy, I can choose which personality fits in a certain environment.

    My personalities are like animals, and depending on the day, a different personality will be more nessisary than the others.

    Many geniuses are skizoid.
  13. I'm not sure I believe this truly does what it says, it could just be an optical illusion...but it's cool either way, and really trippy if your mind is "THC enhanced."
  14. wow... about that girl... that's really cool. First she was spinning clockwise, but after I tried to rationalize the directions shes going in and stare at her head, all of a sudden she spins the other way, and I feel a shock wave going through what feels like the right half of my brain (I can still feel where the shock wave went through). Then to make her turn the other way I try to think more creatively and stuff, and she spins clockwise again. I know it sounds like I'm making it up to go with the theory, but I'm not even kidding, this freaks me out a bit.

    Great thread
  15. haha im just really stoned ripping bowls of some heady goodness reading this and a bunch of other threads and i have a dvd on in the background and ive seen this episode of the show like 5 times and im not even looking at it and i just can see everything going on in the show in my head and im still scrollin around on here and shit woah my brain is going high crazy
  16. damn thats deep.

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