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    Have you ever been really baked and start believing things? I mean certain things in your life that when sober you laugh at? ex: i told my best friend i was going to ask out this really hot chick that i had absolutely no chance with whatsoever aha and was so determined that she was going to say yes.. Post your stories below!
  2. I don't believe in psychics or premonition, but once I got nearly too high and it felt like everything that had happened was like predicted before in a dream of some sort which I had a few weeks ago.
    I was with 2 friends in the woods. Our conversation, the music playing and even the methods of smoking we had were 100% exactly as I thought I remembered in my dream. It was like having a strong feeling of deja vu for 3 hours straight.
    I felt that I was going insane or that I had time traveled or that my dreams could predict the future. I felt trapped by destiny because I kind of knew everything that was going to happen like 10-15 seconds before it did and when it happened, it was like exactly as I "predicted."
    I don't know exactly what to make of it now, but if it happens again, some serious fucked up shit is going on.
  3. I've bad that before also^
    My only explanation is that your body interprets the thc really intensely for one moment, which makes your senses heighten then makes your brain throw together endless scenarios into what seems the most logical then 15 seconds later, that scenario occurs
  4. Wow.. extremely interesting
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    I agree with weed making me "predict" things (very rarely and probably coincidental), the effect it has on how I see things and interpret things definitely changes my thought patterns and how they form. I feel like I can think about a lot of possibilities quickly, but less radical than when I'm sober (for at least a week). I feel like when Im more clear headed then my thoughts can be made sensible much easier (weed slowing down my brain). I could say so much more but it's time to sleep
  6. when i'm medicated, i "believe" nobody around me suspects a thing.
  7. I have believed that marijuana takes users to a higher plane of existence, if that makes sense. Like, weed doesn't make you more perceptive or help you think more abstractly, it just gives you access to the resources to do so. It frees you from the typical thought processes and linear thinking that has been shoved down your throat since day one. Basically, weed provides you with a temporary mental blank slate that allows you to transcend these ingrained patterns and processes. It lets you rewrite the recipe instead of following it.
  8. This happens to me ALL the time. One night I'll have a dream and from days to months later I'll find myself in the exact situation I had dreamt of. Sometimes they end differently though. Since time isn't linear and all that stuff I think I somehow connect with that moment for whatever reason and the alternate endings were from a different dimension or something happened differently idk.
  9. Same exact thing happens to me

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