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High before Sports?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 27, 2010.

  1. Does getting high before a big game make you a better player or not?
  2. Does a bear shit in the woods?

    Is Michael Phelps a gold medalist?
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  4. its different for different people. before a baseball game i went 3 for 3 with a big double in the first inning still really baked. but i also went to basketball once and couldnt even hit the backboard
  5. I played hockey today baked. It's great. The game slows right down. I can make the crispest passes and dangle the puck.
  6. Until a sober kid like me runs through you, :D.

    Guarantee your heads down when you dangle high.
  7. When it comes to bmx riding, it either makes me completely useless or actually pumps me up to ride really hard and land something new. So its either hit and miss.
  8. What he said. Me personally, I hate weight lifting when I'm stoned.
  9. LOL at yourcatdead!
    +++ REPPP!
    well shit. when i go snowboarding, we always smoke before hand, i plug in the Ipod, jam to some slightly stoopid or sublime, and shit I own the mountain. I feel loose, and open minded, i try shit i wouldn't normally...
    then I play baseball stoned. Did it once..... ran like I had bricks attatched to my feet, reaction time was mad delayed.... it blew!:D
  10. i like to shoot hoops while im blazed, i always seem to drain every shot i take. weightlifting while stoned sucks ass though lol.
  11. Weight lifting is horrible stoned but I know a few kids who can do it. But the whole high before sports thing just isnt for me.
  12. Generally I play worse when I'm high, although I've found weightlifting high to be very enjoyable.
  13. Going for a light trail run while high is wonderful. Agree on shooting hoops being fun. Ultimate while high is excellent as well, I seem to throw really well and be able to track the disc pretty easily.

    Rowing high sucks balls.

    I wouldn't want to do anything competitive while high though, or an actual workout. Requires too much of the competitive fire and masochism which I lack when baked.
  14. me and my friends have this empty spot in the woods we call the san pit because it just a big patch of sand like afganistan but we play basesball, sooooooooo much fun when your stoned, well i wouldn't even consider it baseball would u consider hitting a gatorade bottle with a sick and then running around bases baseball??

    bodyshots/fighting with friends is fun, sumo, skateboarding is a hit or a miss, basketball makes you feel mad cool
  15. adda boy Bill. whats good man?
    I still have not visited your sand pit man!
  16. I agree with some otheres here, since every high is different, and every person is different, that it's usually a hit or miss.

    Try practicing first while stoned a few times.
  17. You can be Phelps didn't smoke while in training.

    Smoking anything will lower performance. You can try to rationalize all you want, but smoking before sporting events WILL degrade performance.
  18. I tried swimming high (from a vape though, so I was FUCKED UP) and it made it much more exciting than normal and lifting weights was euphoric. I think once you have the endorphins going you have a good time and feel much more energetic and excitied.
  19. I used to go to the MMA gym high all the time. I would actually do better sometimes. Especially when I'm grappling cause It slows everything down it makes you think. And I dont get tired at all cause you just relax and go with the flow. You just think your way out of things instead of muscling yourself out.
    And it did help me be less tired when doing standup cause I would just stand still in the pocket use my cat-flexes and kick ass lol.
    But, that's something I can pretty much do in my sleep, ya know. I wouldn't go to practice high if it's something you suck at. I mean pot isn't some wonder pill, man.
  20. I beg to differ. I fly because of pot. Don't you dare say that again, Johnny boy.

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