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high at work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by giantsfan3550, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I have had the same job now for about 10 months and resently found out my. boss smokes (it's a little buisnes 4 people ) anyways we smoked together now just got done smoking a blunt in the ally way out back it's crazy just wondering what people do to make the work day faster
  2. i smoke at work everyday..
  3. When I worked in a sports shop I used to hit a joint on my breaks. The only person who ever knew I was doing it was my supervisor but he was cool with it. Probobly because I still had more get-up-and-go than any of the sober workforce.

    I'm working in a steelworks (occasional drug testing) now so bringing the funky green to work is no longer an option.
  4. i work in a restaurant and everyone there smokes ..the manager used to smoke for 20+ years so she doesnt care
  5. when i had a job i hated being high at work. i would rather smoke after work is done....the high is better when ur relaxing or could do whatever you want
  6. I actually wasn't smoking at/before my current job for a while, but I recently started blazing on lunch breaks and have found I still get my shit done fine and the day goes by much more quickly. Woohoooo!

    Wish I could blaze with my boss though, that would be dope.
  7. I usually smoke everyday at my work place.

    I wish my boss blazed.
    It would make my days alot better.
  8. i used to blaze before/during work, but now am realizing that im not as sharp as i need to be for everyday interactions

    so as of today, MOnday August 11, i am no longer smoking before/during work again.

    im taking my lunch break in like 10 mins, so well see how that holds
  9. I usually smoke in my car right after getting off work. I'm a valet so I'll come to work already high sometimes but I usually don't like to be high T work because I'm afraid I'll lose some keys or something.
  10. Most people that work in restaurants toke or at least usually enjoy getting fucked up. I lived in Louisiana and the place I worked at the GM smoked and most of the crew did and we'd go up to the roof and smoke if it was a night shift and mornings we'd take turns leaving the blunt out back where people in the drive through couldn't see haha. Back then I was smoking on the hour and always had a half or full oz of mids and at least a quarter a dank on me at all times. No where near as much money to blow and I've chilled out a lot which I actually like..

    But nowadays I wake up a few hours before work and smoke a nice bowl and make some coffee and have a few cigs on the balcony and just chill, read a chapter of a book and pickup the apartment. Then I smoke a small bowl before I leave and I get in at work at 8 and I get off at 5 but I usually chill there for a few extra minutes on the clock and at least twice a week I'll stop by the gym downstairs to work out for like half a hour and then head to my room and take a shower and then pack a nice sized bowl and just relax with some music on. After work and working out the smallest bowl sends you off to space.

    But sorry I'm high and going way off topic. I used to love being blitzed all day at my job but it was a job I absolutely hated and had to be stoned to get through the day. But now I'm making a lot more cooking at Hooters [and much better visuals :D] and most people here smoke and we'll all wake n' bake but with all the knife handling and running around I do I wouldn't trust myself to be stoned... well I would but I wouldn't be anywhere as responsive hahah you need reflexes in restaurants, fuckin' cooler doors'll swing at you out of no where while you're holding 6+ things in your arms and you gotta move fast hah.

    Anyone else who's worked in a kitchen'll know what I mean. Anyways I'm fucking high and going to cut this essay short. chief on :bongin:
  11. i learned to grow by spending countless hours with a co-worker that grew. all we ever did was drive around on the clock burning and talking about his plants, etc. best job ever.
  12. I;m a telemarketer, so I can easily say that a good joint or two makes dealing with pissed off midwestern farmers a lot less stressful, hehe.
  13. I think my ADD causes me to have the exact opposite happen to me. I forget things faster and the day draaags. seems so long and boring. but when I'm sober the day flies by!
  14. hell yeah! everybody at my sushi joint smokes. i smoke blunts out in the back at work it's awesome.
  15. I am blitzed at work on the daily. Its a nice pseudo fine dining restaurant and most people there also chief.
  16. ive tried work high but my job is alot of physical labor so doing so high isnt really fun/easy.
  17. I smoke everyday in my car right before I go in. I tend bar.

    When I waited tables in New Orleans we smoked in the kitchen everyday.
  18. I work at a garden center and just about any time is a good time to pack a fresh one hitter of some good. Just about everyone there smokes or has smoked, so I enjoy every second of hit.:smoke:

  19. thats the sign of a good job:)
  20. Great stories in here. I really want a job that I can do while high!

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