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High as f*ck

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Splifster, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. high as balls and ripped on some yayo... pink floyd is the fuckin shit for sure.
  2. ahh mee too. everyone around me is drunk, but im so stoned that i can barely type. Jurassic 5 is def. the best sh*t to listen to when you have just smoked a bowl, 2 blunts, and 1 gravity bong hits.....i am sooo f*cked right now wow....im never going to be lured into smokng this much for free again!
  3. Drunk as fuck here, waiting for food at 3 am, lol. once everyone else leaves it's time for a personal smoke session. kinda sucks, but it's what ya gotta do when ur running REAL low.
  4. i been baked since 9 or 10am and its now mid afternoon and time for a booster to get to evening.etc etc....what a neat sat.

    maybe sun too!!:smoke:

  5. I'm gettin some DANK ASS nug... 8 g's for 50 -- Pure red hair I'd post pics but no cam :(

    Anyway good night ahead toke up and enjoy your weekends
    guys and girls :D

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