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High Around Law Enforcement? What Was Your Biggest Buzzkill?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EscoFresco, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. So last week I had to go to traffic court to for expired vehicle registration and doing 35 in a 25 mph zone (i hate LVMPD) so the court clerk lady notifies me that my traffic violations had turned into a warrant. She then ask me if I have $188 to pay it I said no I only had $42 bucks on me and $2 on my debit card (lmao i know im poor lolz) so she then says I will need to speak with the judge so he can work something out for me like a payment arrangement plan so she scheduled me to see him at 2pm it was 9:30 am at the time so I go home catch up on some z's wake up around 11:20am chill out till 1:15 pm roll up a fat blunt of lemon kush to enjoy on the way their.on the way their I puffed the fattie on the drive on the freeway :) so I park at a hotel in downtown LV as it was free I get out and precede to walk to the courthouse more stoned than a rockpit. So I get to the courthouse go thru the metal detectors and ask the sheriff were the traffic judge is he guides me there then leaves. Mind you im so blazed that I walked in their ready to talk to the traffic judge and accidently walked in on a juvenile being sentenced. I was yelled at by the marshall nd escorted out she later explained to me that the traffic court judge wouldn't be in till 2pm my scheduled time I just thought the earlier the better ohh well. So I wait in the lobby finally me and several other citizens enterand they do a schoolhouse alphabetical style roll call so when they get to my name they say US marshall me being an idiot still having no clue whats going on I walk in the backroom with the Marshall as soon as we got back there I was handcuffed to a bench there were also two ladies nd another dude handcuffed to benches as well. This was an instant buzzKiLL. To make a long story short I was able to get in contact with my father 1.5 hrs later due to me having a different area code as well as my father I could not use their phones to call him. Finally the marshall unhandcuffed me soo I could use my phone to call my dad . He had the money and was able to pay over the phone nd I was free to go. That was my worst experience/buzzkill thinking I was gunna go to jail. Everything worked out perfect I set up a payment plan on the ticket which I(finally payed off) Walked fremont st experience had a brew or too put in a sports bet nd proceeded to my car nd smoked another blunt on the way home nd grubbed on some bomb carne asada taco:)
  2. I don't know, I remember the first time I fingered my first girlfriend I was so happy I felt high and on the way back to my house had to pass like 6 cop cars while they were arresting someone. Does this count?
  3. i find it hard to read long single paragraph posts when I'm stoned
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    Yesss I know already I never shoulda went back I cant believe I was stupid enough to believe that clerk earlier in the morning.
  5. Hard for me to read stoned to but harder to type stoned on a galaxy phone.
  6. Yeah, the court clerk cannot fit you into a busy fucked up judicial system in the same day. Note that to yourself. Everything is given 1 to 3 months. Possibly 5, depend on how busy they are.

    Same day, lol, let that be a lesson you.
  7. let me see. im driving home high not doing anything wrong. i get pulled over supposedly becuase i look under 18. i am 18. then they say weed in the car when i hadnt even smoekd weed and i tell them i have my med card. i dab. and i get dragged out my car and have my car searched without my consent. get charged with 4 felonies. one of the feloneis drop and now im on porbation for 3 years. cops knew i was over 18 just wanted to use it as a excuse. i live in a ghetto area. wehre thers busts everyday. that night at thestation there was noone else but me. so it was a slow night and they wanted to bust someone. fuck the pigs. cant wait till my drug counsling/rehab is done so i can go back to dabbing. i only got like 2 more months till its over. and since i have my med card i can go back to smoking nd dabbing. since i cant pass drug counsling unless im completely clean from everything. nd they test me 2 times a week
  8. up
    Damn dude that is fucked up I hate law enforcement its funny becuz when u see a cop u should feel safe, comfortable or whatever but insteadit is total opposite u get uuncomfortable when u see a couple even more so when u are high or ridin dirty fuck the cops hang in their dude nd toke it up in a couple weeks.
  9. [quote name="cothrantyson" post="19419995" timestamp="1390882576"]i find it hard to read long single paragraph posts when I'm stoned[/quote]That shit was hard to read sober. I read the same sentence like five times. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  10. hell yea there here to serve and protect. instead they act like gangbangers. short bald headed and walk with a limp like there the shit. when i was a kid i wud watch them line up bangers. jack all there money and drugs nd let em go. guess where all that went to. sold back on the streets and the money into there pockets. just a bunch of pussies. the way iu see it is cops are those kids that were bullied and had super low slf esteeem(not that i have anything against anyone that was bullied). instead of getting over it and going with scociety. they get the badge of pussy nd act like there real fucken hard. everyday they kiill inocent ppl. they killed my boy last year. i acuually didnt kno wtf was happening witha ll the sirens and helis. and my boy never showed up. didnt think nothin about it. next morning i read on the news that my boy was shot dead. it wasnt just one shot to the head. they dumped clips on em. what a bunch of fucken scums. especailly LAPD. 
  11. I hear u on that I use to live in pomona nd I hated l.a. county sheriffs. Metro is no better especially with weed I heard stories from people who are from here who went to jail for 3 days nd got fined just for having 2 or 3 grams. You would think with being able to have open containers on the strip nd downtown, nd the city advertises all kind of whores gambling ect. 24 hr town tht weed would be no big deal but its total opposite las vegas cops treat weed like meth or crack or something.
  13. [quote name="EscoFresco" post="19421028" timestamp="1390895502"][quote name="Deepthree" post="19420985" timestamp="1390894653"]That shit was hard to read sober. I read the same sentence like five times. I like to know where I repeated myselfSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum[/quote][/quote]It's cause I kept losing my place. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
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    straight up i had bho. and the cops were tryna admit that i make it when i dont even make bho LOL just because i had one tank of butane for my torch. thats the felony that got dropped. my brand new $300 hitman or my torch or my galaxy glass dome also got dropped nd broken. they didnt even lightly drop it. basically threw it on the ground to fuck with me like wtfff. they said my med card doesnt cover bho nd they treat it like meth. when in fact its coverd by prop 215/sb420. at least i got one of the fleonies dropped but ill never get back the money im waisting for porabtion and the lawyer fees and my brand new peice torch or dome. i got my ti nail back but the rest was un repairable. fucking pigs. in the 30mins i was in the car to the station. i herd them say fuck like there 8 year olds that just learned how to say fuck. litterally didnt even make sense the way they were using it. what a bunch of loosers.
  15. As long as you dress nice and are white (like me) you should never have a problem with the law.
    True story
    quit driving and blazing
  16. I was by a river chilling in my Jeep smoking with a friend. We finished and a cop rolls up, puts his lights on and shined his spot light. He walked up and asked what we were doing. He had to have been 25 years old tops. I told him I had a subwoofer I wanted to show my friend how it sounds away from a residential area. He preceded to ask about the sound system and that was it. He went about his way.He knew we were baked. But he wasn't looking to break balls.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Had the same exact thing happen to me. Me and my bestfriend were parked in a large parking lot that was fairly empty, and i was rolling a blunt. Some unmarked cops pulled right up next to me and shined that light right on us. They just looked in the car tonsee what we were doing (i threw the blunt in the center console and all the weed spilled under my seat) and then they just left.
  18. That sounds fucking awful. The only thing that's ever happened to me, was when I was on a blunt ride with my friend, we decided we wanted munchies at 2 in the morning and head over there. Then we get in, get some food and some slushies and as we walk up the counter, two cops walked in (basically by the arrangement of the store, me and my friend made complete eye contact with then for like 6 seconds before we got to the counter) then we left. It was just awkward because we knew we reeked, we knew we had red eyes like hell and we were just really baked. So we thought they knew lll
  19. Eh i'l cut the story court. Endpoint we were in a car outside my house i was on the passenger side facing the street and i had just taken a hit off the blunt facing my friend and he turned pale and said shit so i turned around to a cop car with his window rolled down next to my car door and exhaled directly into the cop car. Don't ask me how we got off with a warning after he confirmed it was my house we were outside of. Don't live in a medical state so yeah i'm a lot more careful with my medicine to be smoking outside now but yeah buzzkill lol.

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