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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ColoradoWolf, Aug 7, 2001.

  1. Well, just found this site, following a few other Yahookans on the way in.

    I'm from L.A., just got back from vacation, almost outta herb, and I'm back at work (well, not today, really :) ). Look forward to hitting these boards. Take it easy, all.

  2. welcome wolf
  3. :D Welcome wolfie. Now tell your old buddy Poppa, What does stonygurl look like. :D
  4. WEelll, just like the girl of your dreams, of course.!!

    Oh, and HIGH Wolfie!!
    Question...why is critter not rated a 5-star??He's a 10 in my book!

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  5. i rate everone a 5. once i accadently rated budburner a three because on my other computer it has the scrool down thing on the mouse and i accadently scroled down and the box scroled it lower instead of the page and i didnt realize it untel i clicked on the submit button. and it sucks that i can reverse it. sorry bud. :( i dont really care what my # is. rate me a one if you want, ill still be a smart ass. nothing will change that. :D
  6. *waves highya wolfie
    looks like were all here,nota bad place to be.
    pops,....stonygurl isa babe! how could she not be?....
  7. Well, BPP, once you get past the mullet, acne, and mild gout, Stony's a very pretty woman.

    Heh. :p :rolleyes:

    Seriously, Stonygurl is real purdy. :) She pretty much describes herself right on. She has some blue eyes, lemme tell ya'.

    Well, better grab a cup of java and try to get productive. Maybe.

  8. [​IMG] [​IMG] *ROFLMAO*

    [​IMG] She does sound like the girls of my dreams.
  9. Hey! Ya left out that missing tooth I been meanin' to get fixed! And as for the gout, well, shux, I thought that was a NORMAL condition! So BPP how dya like me NOW!!hee hee.
    All I can say for Wolfie..is..well, I shoulda told the boyfriend to take a vacation for awhile during the visit. j/k that sounds mean, doesn't it! Whew! I better quit before I get myself in trouble here! :eek:
  10. Say what? :D Hmmmmmm... ;)


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