High all

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  1. High All,

    Found this site by accident while browsing, brill.

    Dont know what country it's based yet but from the absence of the locations in th IDs I imagine it's based in the land of the pee, the "good old US of A".

    I'm in the UK, wherever u are, and stood in our last years parlementary elections for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, a registered political party in the UK. See www.lca-uk.org

    Things are happening here with a fledgling coffee-shop movement developing that is fighting strongly against the prohibitive legislation and we have some hero's that are making serious sacrifices in the name of our cause, the freedom of the weed.

    Check out www.ccnewz.com www WHsplif.net and www.ccguide.org.uk for an overview of whats happening over here, that's if you are over here.

    It's late now, have to get off, I have a busy day tomorrow and it's 1.40 am. If anybody wishes to PM me regarding anything I would welcome your views, opinions, online company, support or whatever.

    Love, pease and rainbows as my friens Patman is fond of saying,

    Phil L
  2. welcome to the city, i look forward to seeing you in the threads
  3. welcome..it sound slike you're really involved in 'the movement' good for you...hope you stick around

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