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  1. I’m an older newbie to this arena, both the product (long time since usage) and the blogging (never done it). My interests in weed are medicinal. I’ve gone all natural recently and have questions. I’m hoping to find the answers here. The herbs aren’t cutting it in the anxiety and sleep department (using Passion Flower & Valerian Root). I’ve review the info posted for what to use and… my first question; the names of the product to use, do they have the same name in every store?

    Later I will be asking for pain management advise.
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  2. cannibus is your answer, pain and anxiety can be alleviated along with help with sleep with the strain Cannatonic #4 high CBD low THC
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  3. charlotte's web is another strain good for pain management. Sour diesel is my go to strain for anxiety. I hope you find your way lost mamma
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  4. Thanks Grasscoty,
    Did you see my question, the names for the strains (yep, I'm a poet), are they the same in every store? Going out to a local store today.
  5. Yes I suggest you check out a site called weedmaps.com They will have all the names of the strains. Hope that helps!
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