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High Activities. Things you like to do while high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mot1ve, Oct 2, 2010.

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    As we all know, weed can make almost any activity better. But question is, what do you usually love or like to do while high? Anything that involves some form of creativity and friends is always great while high.

    Me, I love cruising around and "road tripping" while high, parties, clubbing, freestyle rap, movies, music, sex
    Rollercoasters + weed = FUN. Going to six flags high is the best

    Sometimes me and my friend Danny would act out stupid commercials about the most random shit while completely ZOOTED. like we'll look at a tree or something and then try to sell it as an advertisement. it makes good laughs and is fun as hell while high.

    example: "for only 20 payments of 95.99$ you can get this AWESOME fkin tree to stare at" "TIRED of your pesky cat? THROW IT IN THE TREE" "tired of nature? KICK THE TREE" "like climbing ? "good for you!"

    we used to play alot of sports high like football/basketball but it ends up just consuming alot of your energy.

    sometimes we would go by this walking bridge "the red bridge" and just talk and smoke cigarettes for hours together.

    P.S. I got a few grams of some dank Bubba Kush and i havent even touched it this whole morning. (good self control haha)
  2. Bed and woman.
  3. Most of the time I just do shit that I normally do when not high. Driving, listening to music, taking photos, riding my bike, hanging out, and smoking :smoke:.
  4. i wanna go hang gliding while higih. like u basically fly throguh the sky with this glider thing and hope u dont smash into some mountains or a wall
  5. I love watching TV and just chilling with friends, having a few beers and chattin.

    When I'm alone, I organize and clean everything. And when it's due, I clean my pieces.
  6. Is it me or do others have a desire to clean/organize when they're high?
  7. Not just you. I smoke when I close my store at night-time. So then I can clean and organize everything and make it look prime for the morning people. :) And I actually enjoy doing it.
  8. I play halo high :) mad fun. And when I have the house to myself me and my girl get ripped and just have crazy high sex :D
  9. Alone: Watch some TV, listen to music, walk around outside enjoying the amazing weather that is starting to come in (Florida), Browse these forums, Photoshop, throw the tennis ball for my dog, call up a friend, masturbate :p ect.

    With 1+ people, Watch TV, Music, walk around and chill at the park or something, beach, buy stupid shit at walmart, go creeping, ect
  10. Friends: When I'm high with friends and people we usually go cruising, trippy walks, watch tv and movies, rock some xbox 360 ( nothing better then WaW Zombies when baked), go to the movies and/or just chill out. The best thing I ever did was go to Canada's Wonderland with a half of O-town's finest with my girlfriend. We smoked pipes and J's all day and night and just rode rollercoasters for 8 hours completely stoned out of our minds... I highly recommend it:smoke:

    Alone: When I'm flying solo I usually just chill with some good munchies, my hdtv and my xbox.. keeps me pretty happy! I also like to go for walks and stuff and cruise the streets though.

    To Alex and Cali, you guys aren't alone haha I also clean and organize for some reason when I'm baked sometimes. I don't know what it is but sometimes i'll just get really stoned and feel the need to clean before I can really chill.. haha
  11. I love watching movies. BluRay on a delicious high def T.V. and some dank ass bud makes for an amazing experience.
  12. Longboarding on a clear day is the best while high:D
  13. Listening to music, skating, snowboarding, chillin. :D
  14. All you need si a buncha close friends, some danky dank, and an adventure in the perfect setting. Going on adventures is fkin cool
  15. Dirtbiking, BMX, snowboardig, paintball, music/jamming, and parkour :D.
  16. that game where you can either shoot block or reload that you play with your hands
  17. i really want to play paintball high and ride a rollercoaster high.
  18. My friends and I love to go on little BC's to McDonalds or Taco Bell or watch some weird movies like The Shining or Zodiac.

    At Taco Bell the other day, we were being so stupid when ordering the food in the drive-thru, and the lady at the window leans in and smiles and says "You guys are BAKED aren't you!?" And we all flip out and laugh. Good times.:smoke:

    Also, sometimes I also get the urge to clean for like a few minutes before I can really chill. I don't know why...
  19. Getting really baked and going adventuring is so fun i swear. I love it!
  20. smoke more
    edit music
    build weird gadgets

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