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Hiesman- exp. grower. Looking or lost with DWC?? I can help.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hiesman, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone, the names Hiesman.

    You may have seen me around on RIU. I'm a smoker and grower of 10+ years. I keep a low profile for legal reasons, but can/ will gladly help with any questions/ suggestions. I do not 'troll' around acting like I'm the know-it-all of the website. I'm sure there are those who are snobby on this site. Don't matter, I'm here to help and learn. I am a fan of indoors, specifically DWC hydroponics. Here are a list of my recommended grow supplies. If your looking for a good nutrient/ item for your grow room you will find it here. Pretty much any hydro set-up will need these essentials anyways.

    Nutrients: dyna-gro series, jacks classic, clonex (pretty good), olivias cloning gel (pretty good), General Hydro floranova and flora series. Most any pH UP and DOWN

    Mediums: Rockwool and Hydroton

    Equipment: Hanna combo meter for reservoir (measures pH and PPM constantly), air pumps (10-15 watts), air stones (complete stone, no plastic), Inline fans/ ducting, DIY carbon filter, and standard fans for air flow within room.

    t5's, and HPS

    I'll explain each of my recommendations. The dyna-gro nutrients (veg and bloom) contain all essentials and trace elements for a plant, this is important because the trace elements in soil mixes are not present in most hydro nutrients. The Jacks classic line of fertilizers are very cheap and very effective. General Hydro is a good base nutrient that will provide the basics for your plants. As far as cloning gels, clonex is very common in many grow shops. Ive had great success with olivia's as well. These will all work well with any hydroponic application.
    Rockwool along with Hydroton are staples to most-all hydroponic systems. Lava rocks and neoprene sleeves work well but obviously rockwool and hydroton are the clear choice among many hydro users.

    The combo meter for your reservoir(s) is pricey but worth every penny and should be bought the first time around. If not, you'll learn the hard way that pocket pH and PPM meters are good, but they will not last nearly as long as the combo meter. Generally, a cheap aquarium pump won't work/ last very long. As a general rule I like to use a pump that is "x" amount of watts per "x" amount of gallons in reservoir. For example, a 10 gallon res (DWC) should have a 10 watt air pump, give or take a few gallons/ watts. Ventilation is key to a good garden, and ducting with inline fan(s) will be your best bet. It may not be necessary but a carbon filter is good to have for odor control.

    In my years of growing I've used MH, HPS, CFL's, T5's, and T8's. The lights that have worked best, in my opinion, are T5's and HPS. I use the T5's for any vegging i.e. mothers and clones, and I use HPS with digital ballasts for flowering. I suggest you find a way to add some of the blue spectrum into your flowering room with a: lower watt MH bulb, or some CFL's. As you should already know mylar or white paint in your grow room is a great way to increase production.

    remember that your grow room set up is gonna cost you from 700-1500 us dollars to get started

    I've been at this for quite some time. I can def. help any, beginner or lost gardener, with most any problem they may have. I have a plethora of DIY knowledge as well. Please study on your own though!!! I can't tell you everything you need to do. Only gaining exp. will bring you to successful harvests.

    Your friend, Hiesman

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