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hiding weed from parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bungalowboy26, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I have an old aftershave tin, it's pretty big, that's where I keep my weed, my pipe and my Rizlas. I just shove the tin on my shelf, no-one's going to go there, that's for sure.
  2. Those things camera film comes in works perfect, lol its how my dad used to store his.
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    In the expansion bay of a ps2. Here's a quick Tutorial.

    1. Obtain a Old Playstation 2.

    2. Turn it around and open up the expansion bay. (Its only 2 screws that are easy to remove)

    3. Place all of your Weed/Papers/Lighters.....ect. In said expansion bay.[​IMG]

    4. Place expansion bay cover back on and insert screws. (Try not to use said PS2 too often because it will heat up and your entire room will smell like bud)

    And your done!!! Feel free to hold up to about an O in safety and security.
  4. Not regularly, I meant that they had tried it at least once.
  5. I actually have the same problem as you, but i recently returned home from college so its hard to toke as much as i want anymore. What i do is buy a grape swisher, take all the tobacco out, and ut the wrap in a pill bottle with my weed. The swisher usually is a lot stronger of a scent than the weed and when i open the bottle it's all i smell. Just an idea tho :cool:
  6. i usually put my weed in a prescription bottle and then put it inside one of my sentimental values box :)
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    EDIT : Someone already posted about this. -.-
  8. when i had to worry about it i hid it in my moms room :D

    and now i come home from getting bud and ill smack my mom in the face with it.. it humors me :laughing:
  9. If you have any old card game boxes, like yugioh (the dealer set box things). I stash mine in there with the cards. No body would give a crap about some cards, nor bother to even look at it.
  10. 1)Pair of shoes you don't wear
    2)Hollow out any piece of broken electronics and you can fit anything in there
    3)If you have carpet pull up a corner and you can put like 4-5 Js there
  11. take a glass jar with a very good seal. i prefer jam jars or horseradish jars. put your weed in there, bowl in there if you have a good enough bowl (spoon) and put that shit in the best place you can find, aka if you have a desk with drawers and, put it under some papers if your trying to hide it. if you have a place in your room where you keep alot of old stuff, like a pair of...idk winter boots in your closet. put it in that box etc...
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    What I do is I put my weed in a pill bottle or anything like that, then I pull out a few books about 2 inches from my bookshelf, slide whatever container you are using behind the books and then push the books back as far as they can go, and if your bookshelf is as full as mine u can put books on top laying down to cover up the gap. The gap from the back of the shelf to where the book begins, that is.
  13. look for places that nobody would ever go. Inside insulation in ur basement? Underneath ur water boiler? or when u open a draw stick ur hand straight up then near the front there should be a lil shelf like thing, u can tape it there or make a velcro bag or something, but it might fall off if u slam the draw if theres nothing holding it on :eek:
  14. If you give them no reason to think you're smoking they won't bother you (i.e. keep good grades, etc). :)
  15. typical beginner with the altoids box. look there are many places to hide weed just look around for a really good spot watch it for a week see if your parents go near it often. if not then you should be ok. but i would just say keep it spmewere in your room or something. idk i dont kno how your situation is. so just get creative bro
  16. dude i stash J's in one of those pocket size containers of advil and i stash the rest of my stuff in a empty box of cream puffs (nothin says airtight like creampuffs) and i just put that in a drawer. other places i have stashed it is if you open up a laser printer and take the ink cartridge out you can stash in there or there was a thing on youtube about using a can opener to open up the bottem of spraycans and glueing a jamjar inside. look into it.
  17. A. Buy a bottle of deoderant with a black plastic case

    B. Roll up the deoderant ALL the way to the top then pop it out.

    C. Stuff your weed in the hollow part there then put the actual deoderant stuff back.
    It covers the smell and hides it.
  18. i have a small safe like a toy one from childhood when i started smokin,
    it became my paraphenilia box. it has a combo and i hide it under the bed,
    in the closet or someplace unseen. it's worked well for the past 4 years
  19. Buy a treasure chest and pad locks! then burry it in your back yard EXACTLY 72 steps from the giant tree. Your parents will never find it...
  20. That works just make sure there is never sheet to weed contact. Because those sheets are covered with small particles that contain the chemicals that make it cover smells so well. That comes off onto the weed, and you're smoking god knows what.

    Use a prescription bottle in a cabinet. Smell hasn't been an issue for me ever though, but the most creative I've seen was when my friend cut one of his ceiling tiles out of the corner. Then attached a piece of wood across the side that fits in the hole so it just sits there. And he puts his weed in a bag/prescription bottle inside a bag and tapes it to that.

    Thats alot of work to do to just hide some bud though.

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