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hiding weed from parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bungalowboy26, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I just recently started smoking weed about 6 months ago, and I LOVE weed. I love the smell, and I have had some really great times when I'm high. I usually get 2 g's to an eighth when I buy, and I only buy the dank shit. So my weed usually smells really strong. I smoke about 2-3 times a day and I'm always near or around my parents and they never seem to notice but I'm afraid I'll get caught. Where is the best place to ide my weed, I am currently using a mini Altoids tin where i keep a knife, baggies, money, and weed. I just wanted to here from people with really unique places to hide their weed. Pics would be great! :D
  2. Funny thing is - most parents out there are probably doing the same thing.
  3. Well prescription pill bottles have always worked for me. In the past I have used empty film canisters too. Most places that sell pipes, bongs, and other types of paraphernalia usually sell all sorts of gadgets to stash your shit in.
  4. i know the best place.. move out. lol

    jokes aside.. i used to hide it in my jacket or clothes thats hang up in the closet.. if your bud reeks then get a turkey bag.
  5. well i just keep it with me all the time. when its not on me its in some puzzle box that no one touches anymore. oh and the smell : wrap it in bounce sheets, you kno the ones for your laundry, covers it up nicely :)

  6. what's a turkey bag? i sometimes keep a few buds in an airtight container used for holding ear-plugs (i'll try to post a pic)
  7. Make something with legos with a secret compartment in the middle.


    Do you got an alarm clock? Theres usually a little battery compartment on the bottom that you dont use.

    Cant fit too much but no ones lookin in ur clock :p

  8. here is a pic

    Attached Files:

  9. Bingo. Can't wait until I move out this fall so I can start my own indoor grow.

  10. in the pic its just some left-over ground up dank (check it out in my gallery), BUT its still enough for a small bowl. Luckily i'm a light-weight when it comes to getting high, no joke, it takes less than 1/4 of a g to get me blazed, thats y i smoke all the time, it costs me hardly anything.
  11. cut a slit underneath your mattress and keep it there. for your parents to find that they would have to be looking for something bad you are hiding.
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    Well if your parents don't often traffic your room, hang a sweater (with pockets) or a coat in your closet. Stash the booty in the pocket of your coat or sweater. That works for me, because my parents aren't in my room as it is in the attic, and if they do go up there they never look in my closet. Also, if the pocket is zippered it keeps the smell out pretty well. It also helps to put a lemon or orange peel in the baggie and it sort of masks the smell.

    Edit: Oops this was already posted..
  13. Xbox 360 case
  14. wraping your weed in bounce sheets is a DEFINITE mistake

    from my own personal experience yur weed tastes like dirty bounce sheets when u smoke it:(
  15. under dressers sometimes there is a little space between the floor and underneeth thats were i used to hide all my stuff. I always keep my weed in a jar for preservation and it hides the smell wonderfully. also floor regesters sometiems work aswell
  16. i would tell you to buy a 420 Jar, but then you gotta hide that shit from your parents. When I was growing up I used to keep my stuff in a chap stick container (Carmex) thing that i hollowed out. It held about 3-4 grams, didn't smell, and unless your parents are weird they most likely wont use your chap stick. Good Luck and Happy Toking! Peace :smoking:

  17. turkey bag can be found at any grocery stores.. its for cooking turkey/ham n shit in the oven. turkey bags don't let nothing out of it. keeps odor in the bag very well. whenever i pick up an O or more i use turkey bags.
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    never tried it but tape it to the back of a nightstand or a dresser;)
  19. I fucking 22 and i still hid my weed in the ceiling. I got those removable boards in the basement. Easy pickins.

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