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hiding weed from parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bungalowboy26, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. For small amounts you can put in the bottom of a deoderant stick
  2. What you do is go and get a big bottle of multi vitamins like 400-500 count something like that and take a sock stick it over the top of the bottle shake the bottle all the pills will fall into this sock once its empty you have enough room in the bottle for about a quarter maybe more, a small spoon, possibly a lighter thennn put the sock with the pills in it over the hole again dump them back into the bottle and throw out the extra pills you couldn't fit back into the bottle Wah lah! nvr paranoid again about your mom going through your shit while your gone and her finding buds:hello:
  3. if you play guitar (electric)
    then put it in there

    the put it in the clothes hanging up idea works great ,just put it in the clothes you dont wear much

    any old game systems or VCR's or stuff like that works great.
    do you have a stereo system, hide it in the speakers...
    times like this you have to be creative
  4. ^ that reminds me that i use to hide my cash behind a bombox where the battery goes. if you have a bombox that takes like six D size battery you can prob fit an 1/8 sack in there.
  5. Get this and then just take the battery back off your stereo and stick it in there.
  6. I had an old 30 GB ipod that was broken so I took out the hard drive and everything. Now it is a great canister for like 5 spliffs. And no one will look in an ipod for weed.

    Otherwise I keep it in in a jar to maintain freshness.
  7. I kept it in an old pillow that was under my bed (as though it feel off and got brushed under)
  8. What I do is i have a treasure chest from when i was little (no joke, they sell them at albertsons still i think) which is in my closet which contains fireworks and a Xbox 360 tin. Inside the tin is a mint can, and inside of that is my bud. That's what i called either being paranoid or a ninja :p
  9. My sister always recommends putting it in a rolled pair of socks. Makes sense to me, but I usually just leave it somewhere where you won't see it from the doorway. Hasn't been a problem yet.
  10. Some of my best spots:

    In the cassette changer in my stereo (its one of those stereos where you push in the cassette.....thing.....and it opens up, then you push it closed (not sure if that makes sense....does to me)

    I have mutiple wooden tribal masks I got in Hawaii, so I just stash bags behind them.

    And on the tower to my Desktop, the front has a closeable/openeable panel for a usb slot/audio cable, I can fit around 2-3g's in there.

    If you have a closet, open it, look directly up, and put it on the wall which should be around the back of your head, you'll get what I mean.

    If you have a cielling fan, tape your stash to the top of one of the fanblades....

    If you have any game cases.....self explanitory. seriously....who's going to check a pillowcase for weed?

    You could leave your stash on your windowsill, and put the blinds down....


    That's all I can name at this point in time, in terms of stash spots I've used, personally.
    Hope it helps you a bit.

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    I use an old stationary box I got for Christmas years ago. There's a false bottom, (a piece of cardboard fold to be a "half box". Underneath that, I stash my bowl, Higgins, a spare lighter, weed and a poker/stirrer, plus an extra baggy. Place a few dryer sheets of your choice with the stash and it should help to mask the smell a little. Granted the false bottom doesn't fit as well, but place a (thin) stack of stationary paper and a pen on top of it, and Big Moms is none the wiser.
  12. I just asked my parents how they feel about marijuana and got their sides of it and then i told them that i do smoke, and now i don't really have to hide it. My mom only smoked once in her life but she's really chill about it with me, she just makes fun of me if i'm high lol. Sometimes if you just talk to them about it they will understand alot better and see you as a more mature person who knows what they're doing. :p
  13. thats where i put my pills LOL
  14. back when i used to have to hide my goods, i used a m&m minis tube haha then i kept it in this blanket i always had rolled up in my closet
  15. If smell is a problem use a mason jar. It is as smell proof as it gets, Because unlike baggies little smell/dust particles from the marijuana do not seep through the pores, Glass and metal do not have pores thus they will not leak smell.
    now to stash that is another thing, I might hide in old shoe boxes, Ceilings(only if they are pushup ceilings like in many schools), Old computer cases, Droor, Under something that is hollow and light weight, if you have an tv on a entertainment center behind the tv might work, you see what I'm saying.

    Blaze and then try to hide it I swear you will find a fantastic place.
  16. i fuckin love my mom... she babysits while i go pick up cuz i NEVER take my daughter and MJ in the car at the same time. and ill come home and like smack my mom in the face w/ the bag and tell her to gimme a few more minutes to smoke a bowl....

  17. If you hide it in your room I can almost guarantee you that you'll get found out eventually. Your best bet is to keep it tightly sealed up in a few Ziploc baggies (the thick, freezer ones) and store it outside somewhere, preferably near your route to your car or close to it. Of course you could always just keep it in your car too but that opens up a whole 'nother can of worms.

    Negative. Less than ~5% of Americans over the age of 30 don't smoke weed any more.

  18. dont get used to it

  19. according to you...this means that 95% of americans over 30 smoke weed...seems pretty high don't you think?


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