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Hiding the Pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NekoFoo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Just got one today, dunno where to put it. I put it in my charcoal drawing stuff that someone gave me a long time ago, and I think its good. I don't really want it to stink, but oh well. Anyone got a better place?
  2. get a big winter glove and slide it in there, with the mouth piece going down the finger. you shouldn't really smell it, in case though, just take some body spray or cologne and spray the outside of the glove, then set it next to the other glove. should be fine there.
  3. keep it in a baggie and stuff it into a rolled up pair of socks
  4. i wrap mine in a small towel then put it in a small box that used to have some sports cards in it in the bottom of my closet. it gives off no smell and my parents dont search my shit so its a good spot.
  5. I always kept my shit in something expensive/electronic. Parents tend to not snoop in or around those things for fear of breaking their child's important stuff.
  6. Just wrap it around some plastic and some sort of cloth (or sock). I find that cloth and plastic mask odors the best.
  7. when i lived at home i took my dresser droor out wrapped my bowl in a bandana put it at the back of the dresser then put the droor back in
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    Headshops sell cases that are perfect for pipes. They are padded, come in different sizes with zippers or velcro, and they keep the smell inside. I got a nice blue one to match my blue pipe for 6 bucks.

    I guess I don't know if you want a case, or if your trying to hide it from other people. I don't need to hide my shit, so I just put it into a drawer in the case. As for actual spots, you can try putting it inside anything else that people won't look in. The back of a drawer, top of a closet, that sort of thing.

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