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Hiding smell in close quarters (Dorms, Apts., etc.)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KissMyAsthma, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. So I'm fairly new to the scene. Smoked a few times at friends places and whatnot, got my piece a couple weeks ago. Just picked up my first 1/8th, etc. etc.
    I've lit up twice in my apartment, worrying about smell. Before I toked, I asked a few experienced friends some smell hiding techniques and the dryer sheet tube seemed to be a favorite.
    I'm positive my neighbors would come to me first if they had a concern, instead of going right to landlord or authorities, but its not entirely impossible.
    (Also searched for similar threads, most of the ones I found were dead.)

    Both times I used the dryer sheet tube, lit some candles, used a towel on the front door. On one occasion I used incense, on another I didn't use incense but I had a fan on.
    The smell seemed pretty contained, but the apartments are only 1 bedroom and they're pretty close together. Not sure if its central air or anything.

    Instead of Febreze, my grocery store sells this awesome all-natural line of products, one of them is a room spray that smells amazing. Its pricey but it seems to really hold down the smell and doesn't take much.
    Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room and Body Spray from Indigo Wild

    Beyond that, curious if you guys think this is enough, or what other methods are out there. Simplicity appreciated :p
  2. fart all over ur weed bag
  3. farts arent good enough you gotta rub shit all over your nugs...
    no but for real, its mostly common sense... dont let air escape your room unless its through the window.
  4. Hold it in a bit longer = You'll exhale less smoke, and sometimes get more baked. The method i use is pretty simply actually i don't smoke in a place that i don't want to smell like buds. But a once over with some good smelling spray or fragance will do the trick.
  5. ozium when your done

    store your nugs in a mason jar

    dont get caught ;)
  6. That should be enough to control it. I like burning incense when I smoke but its not necessary with the use of the dyer sheets. The smell doesn't linger to long when your use that
  7. I always like to be really overly complicated, so what I used to do is get a damp washcloth, put it in a coffee mug, put a straw in the washcloth, put a sock over the washcloth, then just blow hits in. You have to hold it upside down though so its best if you had a bendy straw. I took massive hits and blew them into that and never made a smell.
  8. whatttt lol....
    imagine squeezing all the moisture out after and then drinkin it
  9. or you can just get a straw run it from your mouth to your ass, so you'll always be blowing smoke in your ass.
  10. What if I tried that and I used the wrong end? Plus I dont want to have smoke farts instead of smoke burps.
  11. have you ever seen commercials for those Febreze things that blast out air freshener every 15 or 30 minutes?

    i feel like one of those would be a really good investment because i sometimes forget to spray the room down while smoking...

    i think you might be worrying yourself a little bit too much OP, its very unlikely i think that the smell of marijuana will leak through your apartment walls unless your chain smoking for like an hour straight.....idk though just don't worry yourself too much :smoke:
  12. light a sweet smelling candle while smoking and open a window, other than that you really don't have much to worry about.
  13. I swear by Ozium spray as well. I have also done the dryer sheets as well as blowing into a vacuum attachment hose.
  14. Yeah I figured I might be getting overly complicated but it sounds like I should be good then. Common sense goes a long way and all. Thanks dudes.
  15. #16 Sexy Goat, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 26, 2011
    Rent a house and don't waste your time in college. The last place I'd smoke is in an apartment unless I was on the top floor, have fun getting evicted. Or being crushed to death when an earthquake strikes.
  16. College is for suckers. House would be awesome, but my friends suck with money and I don't.
    I'm guessing your house is only 1 story, yknow with earthquakes and all. Derp.
  17. Open a window and throw a wet towel near ur front door so smoke won't go out and spray all around ur door and the vents. And light a candle and toke it. Unless ur blazing blunt after blunt its all in ur nose cus ur right near it ur cool tho as long as u don't smog ur it me or dank doesn't smell like weed when burnt just burnt stuff Idk maybe me.

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