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Hiding it from parents..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bubbly91, May 7, 2009.

  1. Hello, Im new here

    New smoker.. sort of. I used to smoke a few years back then quit and have recently started again here and there. What I am wondering is how can i hide 1st the smell 2nd the taste in my mouth (breath) and 3rd any other things that may be suspicious? The reason i ask is cuz it would be nice to hop on outside and have a bowl now and then and not have my parents notice when i come back inside.. They are super strict... my mom is a lawyer and my step dad is a judge lol......

    Keep tokin all!:smoke:
  2. if you 18..which umm... doesnt sound like shouldnt be at home so that would probally solve your problems
  3. Do you think they would find it suspicious to just hop outside and then just come back inside after a few minutes or so? I would just attempt to smoke in my room, out the window with the fan blowing towards the window. Also i think its kind of hard to conceal the smell RIGHT after you smoke. But you could try the outside thing with drinking some drink, and then putting a piece of gum in your mouth afterward. As for the smell, just spray some body spray or a little cologne.
  4. 1) Colengne,body spray,etc
    2) Mouth wash
    3) Eye drops for eyes

    Other than that jus hold it together and you'll be fine.
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    i feel ya, not as bad off as u but my parents are hella strict, if i get caught im fucked, doesnt stop me tho advice on #3 is dont get sloppy and over confident....#2, breath smell isn't much concern, #1 smoke smell, stay out of wind of the smoke an use cologne not too heavy tho, weed smell, double bag/tupperware/dryer sheet taped around bag...

    hope i helped, i recently started back up too ;), mary jane wuz my first love lol :smoke:

    also, if you have a chimney and your parents aren't around, just smoke by it and blow it up the chimney, thats how i smoke in my basement every night lol
  6. I am 18, I leave for college this fall and i feel like its a waste of money moving out for a summer lol.. no advice?
  7. 1st if you use a bong/bubbler/pipe your cloths probably wont smell so for your breath just take chewing gum. An other thing that might be suspicious is your eyes ( they will get red + kinda closed like if you are facing the sun), you can get rid of the redness with eye drops ( clear-eyes, rotho, I dont know any other brand name) but for your small eyes all you can do is hide it behind sunglasses... but thats kinda suspicious if you wear em in the house lol
  8. ok thanks everyone! Im thinking im doing everything fine haha.. only problem is i have turned into a lightweight haha but thats not much of a problem lol.. :hello:

    Thanks again! any more tricks of the trade are more than welcome!
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    The Home Stoners Toolkit
    1. Mouthwash
    2. Visine, Rhoto(sp?) V, Clear eyes, etc. Preferably with redness relief.
    3. Sploof. Search how to make one on this forum.
    4. Open a window, turn on a fan.
    5. Fabreeze.

    The idea is that you use the sploof, blow the smoke out of a window, and have all that stuff if you need it.

    Some people suggest putting shirts and stuff under your door...but I've never needed to do that. Hotboxing my room wasn't a priority at that age for me. ^_^

    Oh, and find a good stash spot too. Consider these: guitar case, inside a car speaker, pill bottle, cut open a book and put it in there. They're all mobile, but also sealed. So if you need to move your stash, or hide it on you, you're good to go.
  10. if you cant get outside to smoke, smoke in your room with a sploof check out thread #11, they work great i used to smoke with them in dorms. As for smell, cologne for yourself or Ozium for the room (sold in car detailing section at walmart)....other than that just dont act shady hope i could help
  11. I used to smoke in my parents house all the time.
    Good ventilation was the key.

    I wouldn't attempt to smoke in your house if your parents are really nosy people. This is something that only you would know, so if your mom comes in your room often, I wouldn't try this. If they don't, you got that part down.

    Next is selecting a time frame to do this in. Obviously, while they are asleep is usually the best time. Try to pick days that you KNOW they have things to do the next day, and can't afford to miss any sleep. This will slim the chance of them waking up/walking around the house when you are doing it, which can lead to you getting caught.

    Now that you got your time frame, you're gonna need to do some room setup. I used to use a perfect method of ventilation, very easy to setup, supplies are minimal. You'll need

    A Pillow
    Box Fan

    Basically, it's really simple. You place the box fan in your window, and cover the open side with the pillow. What this does is create a vacuum in your room that constantly filters out air. You can check is the fan is setup correctly, by approaching your door (barefoot) and see if you can feel air coming in from the other side. If you barely feel it, or don't feel it at all, it's losing pressure somewhere. Forgot to mention this before but the critical part of this is to CLOSE YOUR AIR VENT! Standard home AC systems have linking ducts that connect and distribute air in your house. It took me a while to figure out why my gameroom smelled like weed after I would smoke, but not my room, which was caused by leaving my air vent open.

    Closing the air vent will not only ensure that the smell doesn't circulate through the house, but also help with creating the vacuum in your room.

    When all applied together, you should have the safetest smoking session possible within your parents house. I smoked in my parents house for 2 years and THEY NEVER CAUGHT ME.

    P.s. I wouldn't put a towel under the door, because you need to draw air in from the room outside your door inorder to keep the vacuum going.

    Also a good rule of thumb to follow is, Farther from your door, Closer to your window.
  12. I usually just smoke downwind if there is any, then I don't smell like it at all. You could also walk and smoke, like take a hit or whatever then walk a few meters away, then the smell wont stick to you, for the taste/breath, I use mints or gum, mouthwash works really good too because it cleans out a little bit of your throat/very back of your mouth where the smoke smell is coming from, the mint or whatever is usually very stong and masks the smell pretty good...

    That's what I do lol
  13. Woah. Those are some awesome ideas Cjx. I never thought about sealing the box fan like that. Pretty sweet.
  14. Props to CjX. Good ideas!

    Usually if i am coming home after a smoke session, i just make sure to have:

    1. eye drops.
    2.hand sanitizer.
    3.gum. spray.

    if im feeling paranoid, and if i know i am only going out to smoke, i will bring a jacket to leave in the car while i smoke and put it on before i come home. may look suspicious, but it works for me.

    hope this helps. :smoke:
  15. Bro, the smell mostly dissipates in about 30 minutes or an hour. But if you're really paranoid, use Axe or any old cologne you have. As far as breath, use lifesavers or mints. Even gum will work. Also, don't forget the eyes. Rohtos or Visine.
  16. Damn, unlucky for parents career choice haha.

    Um hide the smell with deodrant, Also i change into different clothes after i smoke so smell doesnt linger on me. Also a shower is a good choice (FYI smoking in the bathroom with the shower on hides smell and smoke)

    Get rid of smell in your mouth? Chewing gum haha?

    Yeah and get rid of look of being stoned, eye drops are good investment. Dont personally use though.
  17. im 18 and i live at home .. i am also still finishing highschool..
  18. I guess when I was younger I use to..Eye drops, visine sucks its to expensive...
    arm pit DEO (Covers up some of the smell)
    Drink some mouth wash
    wash your hands..
    wash your face with your hand santizer
    put some cologne on, not enough where its notice able...
    smoke with a sweater on then take it off after your done
  19. 1. take a shower right after you blaze

    noway of detection
  20. fuck that shit my parents would seriously kick me out of the house lol when i do smoke i do it before they get home... between 1:30 and 4 then i could make sur im in the clear... just smoke in ur backyard... keep an eye out for ur parent coming home early... happened to me a couple times scared the shit outta me! lol! happy toking!

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