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Hide away and pray?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoke da weed, May 27, 2010.

  1. I plan to be traveling with a bit of weed here in the near future. Would it be best to hide a few nugs in one of my hollowed out household containers? Such as a body spray can, ps2, ipod, etc. Or would it be best to attempt to eat the weed if pulled?

    I'm leaning towards the hide away and hope nothing happens, because if I get caught trying to destroy the evidence it's bad news. However, if there's ever a dog involved for whatever reason the hiding away would go sour quick.

    When I say traveling I am talking in between a couple of states.

    Thanks for replies.
  2. your better off just by following all laws so you dont get pulled over :hello:
  3. I have an old ipod classic I hollowed out and can fit some compressed mids in. Would you put it way away like in the trunk in a computer bag or does all that not matter?
  4. I'd put it in the trunkfor sure but what computer bag are you talking about?
  5. follow the laws of the road, dont drive high, put it in a container, in a bag, in the trunk. you wont get searched if theres no reason. if for whatever reason they do ask for a search just say you don't give consent. but really you should be fine.
  6. Dont try to destroy the evidence.
    If you don't give the officer a reson to search you, they most likely wont search you.
    Make sure you cant smell your bud, and act natural.

    & If for what ever reason you do get stopped.
    Don't shuffle around in your car.
  7. I've always kind of wondered why people get so sketched out about carrying pot. If a cop doesn't have probable cause to search you, he can't. And if he does anyway (without cause) and finds anything, it won't be admissible in court.

    I walked through an airport with a few grams in my pocket. I've been pulled over with a half-o in my glove box. Don't draw attention and everything will be fine.
  8. Yea kinda obvious to just stay legal dont speed, dont be dumb. My advice for storage would be in the trunk just tuck it away in some shirt pocket or something in a bag with tons of other clothes etc.
  9. dont speed first off. and if ur that paranoid buy one of those magnetic key boxes, bust the spring out get some duct tape and find a good spot under the car but not obvious and hide it. my buddy likes 2 put it duct taped, 2 the bottom of the front hood by the window washer fluid
  10. :eek: GENIUS. give him a +rep for me.
  11. yeah we use 2 drive all the time 2 different colleges and he didnt want it in the car. so we where at a gas station & he saw some dude checking his oil.he jumped out of the car with the bag went 2 his trunk got duct tape & bam he did it. shocked the shit out of us. its his claim 2 fame i guess
  12. a friend of mine hides his stash in the back of his ps2, apparently there's a bit at the back that clips off so that'd be a good hiding place.

    but as i read here before, only break one law at a time
  13. If it's just a ltitle bit, wear briefs and stash under your junk. If it smells like weed in your car and you get pulled over, I'd just eat it. Or, you could stash it in the trunk, which is the next safest place.
  14. I don't know if this works or not because I haven't tried it but my friend told me about it and he has done it 2 or 3 times before. When he wants to take some bud with him when he travels he uses a peanut butter container and he empties most of the peanut butter until he can fit whatever sack he wants to fit in there. First you have to put however much bud u want in a saran wrap or a zip lock bag and then with the peanut butter you took out spead it over the bag and then put the bag into the container and just take the peanut butter container with you and if a cop brings the dogs he will just smell the peanut butter container and the cops will hopefully think the dog just wants some food. Again I have never tried it but my friend has done it so hope that helps. Be careful and smoke on :smoking:
  15. I decided to just put it in the center console. Didn't get stopped, no problems. :cool:
  16. Problem solved.
  17. Buy one of the hollowed out aquafina bottles, somebody mentioned them further up in the thread.

    Buy a case of aquafina.

    Put the weed in the hollowed out one, and put that hollowed out one amongst the many many water bottles.


  18. Doesn't work. Dogs alert a certain way to drugs, the handler will search the jar because he's seen this tried about a million times.

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