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Hide And Seek

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HashPipe, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. My parents are coming to visit me in november for 4 days for thanksgiving. i just moved out here a couple months ago and i have 8 plants what should i do with them?they arent really big, just a month and a week old. There isnt really anywhere to hide the plants, i live in a cabin and my parents are really snoopy. Should i rent a hotel room and sneak them in really late or what the hell should i do? I cant hide them outside b/c it will be too cold. Any suggestions?
  2. If you have time and can build,make a box to fit them and lockit.
    Maby put a small sheet on it with a lamp. or just buy a plastic bin and do the same "cover it up".
  3. or you could get them a hotel room just out of your "generosity"
  4. ummmmm...just put lampshades on top of em' and set them on end tables.

  5. HAHAHA...if only that would work :)
  6. Put them in a closet in a room where they'll never go, then lock the closet door.

    P.S. Sometimes I play hid and seek with myself. I usually lose.
  7. I just moved here a couple months ago and i dont have any friends yet. Im 19 but only old people talk to me for some reason, how would i build a box? im not very good at the whole hammer nail thing i guess i could try it, it prolly will look pretty doofy looking and it would have to be a big box, with light shining out of it. There is nothing else in the room though so i would have to put posters or ? something else in the room. I could lock the door to the room that they are in but i keep my plants on a 24/0 thing and there would be light coming out of the room at night from the little crack in the bottom of the door and THAT wouldnt be suspisious (*sarcastic look on face.*) (cant spell suspisous).
  8. Plus i only have 3 rooms and all the closets are really tiny, my parents would look in the rooms anyway trying to "help clean up" even if the cabin is already clean. and i couldnt rent them hotel rooms because they wouldnt go or something stupid like that. damn parents
  9. Just build a box. You don't have much hope otherwise. And I your worried about light, then put some form of gum or filler on the spots where light is comin' out.
  10. gum? what kind of gum? chewing gum?

  11. yes,very cheep and it gets hard,or just get any kind of wood filler.

    like i said befor build a box its not that hard.
    Make a 2x4 frame and plywood it over and paint,thats if you have the tools,if not ask somebody next door to help.

    Good luck
  12. i dunno why making them stay in a room would be bad. if you have a spare bed i guess "there's no room" won't work. but hey say you like your privacy.. i really don't see how making them stay in a motel could not work. "i like you walk around naked a lot" or something, anything, they really can't do much, unless they're putting up money for your place to live..
  13. good advice from crim ^

    but it does appear that you are in quite a fix here.

    if you cannot find a way of keeping the two appart (parents and plants), perhaps you should find a way to postpone their visit until after harvest. ... like saying... thanksgiving is off.

    maybe you should find someone you can trust, or invite an old friend, to look after them.
  14. I know this is a pretty obvious answer, and one you probably dont like...but you live on your own right? Its YOUR house. Who cares what your parents think about it. Tell them you are an adult and can make your own decisions...:D

  15. ditto...... if they find your plants and get mad cause you grow. tell them that its yo0ur house and you can do whatever the fuck you want in your own home...... and if they keep bitching about it, tell them to either accept it or get out......

  16. *slaps forehead*

    yeah, why didnt i think of that.
  17. Oh and another thing you can say is "My house, my rules!" cuz I know my parents used to pull that shit on me...Ive been waitin for a chance to say it to them. :D
  18. How much would your parents freak if they found the plants? My dad would be bummed that they were not ready for harvest yet;. but im lucky to have an ole hippie for a dad. Do you think they would be disapointed in you? or call the cops? You could also put a towel over the crack in the door from the inside, tape it to the base of the door, if the towel is dark it should cover up the light. PEACE
  19. Im just gonna buy a cabnet. I found one at wal mart thats just right only 80 bucks. I am gonna hide it cause my dad would wig the fuck out. I dont feel like being bitched at.....ever..who does?

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