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    I'm going off to college at the end of the month (I'm in the UK, so NOT uni). I'm gonna order my first seeds pretty soon, so they'll be comin out by the time I move. So I'm just wanting to know, how can I keep the plants, with a light, hidden in my room? Cos even if my three roommates will probably be fine with it, I don't think it would go down well with my landlord, what with him being responsible and shit.

    What thoughts, guys?

    Seeds - http://www.grasscity.com/online_headshop/kc-brains-seeds---sweet-dreams.cfm?iProductID=1255#Shipping

    Light - http://www.basementlighting.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?page=1/prod/elc125

    ^ In case it helps . . .
  2. You could try a micro grow but you'd prob be better of with some dwarf autos for that. You can get a stealth grow box made out of an old casing, all the innards are removed all that is required is a fan and the lights check them
    Out, they're a good idea for some
    One who wants to grow discreetly.
  3. This is a incredibly bad idea. 3 roommates AND a landlord?

    The nicest thing I can say is, you're delusional if you think you can keep it hidden or discreet with that many people.

  4. I'm not saying it needs to be kept quiet from my roommates, I'm not quite so stupid as to try that....
    It's really just the landlord, and obviouly any visitors who shouldn't be allowed to know about it.
  5. a box in a closet where no light or sound would escape is a bare minimum to keep it hidden. you'll also spend twice the growspace in just supplies.

    and we're not even started on the smell and heat it produces...
  6. It is still an incredibly bad idea -- maybe even a worse idea if you plan on your roommates knowing about it. The first rule of growing: tell no one, and you're planning to tell at least 3 people. That's how people get busted or ripped off.

    You need your own, secure place to grow MJ. You go to college to prepare for the world, don't risk messing it up over some MJ plants...
  7. you could try using a dresser hollowed out (old hand me down) carbon filters can be made diy to any size (wire screen and air filters) i would use cfls to control heat output and computer fans will be small and have little noise (for exhaust) people have tried crazier things just search and look at other posts some guy had a small dresser in his living room hollowed to grow in lol
  8. This is a terrible idea, please don't do it.
  9. BAD IDEA, first mistake was letting other people know, second... landlord , third... limited circumstances, if you cant do it dont try it. Unless you go with a little closet micro grow inside your closet.
  10. yeah, you should be able to find the good stuff... it is college after all. good luck
  11. I get the feeling you guys think I should hold off on this for a while.
    I'll see what things are like in college, and then see if I should do it or not. For all I know my landlord's a pothead.
  12. hey kranapan, idk if you got my private message but if you didnt id appreciate it if you messaged me!!! And on your topic, id say get there, analyze your situation and then go from there. Might be an ok idea, might be a terrible one but i must repeat rule one that so many people forget. RULE ONE: SILENT PRIDE
  13. I'd go for a double audio speaker perpetual microgrow, let's say, one mother/clone cab, one SOG cab. discreetly packed away in big nondescript subwoofers.
  14. Doesn't matter if the landlord is a pothead, plenty of potheads have narced out someone else when their liability is on the line.

    There's nothing to scope out -- growing simply is not feasible unless circumstances are right, and going into a college roommate situation your circumstances are not right. There will be plenty of time to grow later when you have the right circumstances.
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    ya man been to college and watched people try to grow then i same them get kicked out. first off, smell, by the time its in flowering is like a huge green dot on the landlords radar man. smoking is a huge thing that colleges and universities look for man ESPECIALLY in the dorms or rooms because like you said ITS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

    If you plan on doing this, it needs to be very small in a inclosed all in one unit and you are going to need a carbon scrubber or something like this - http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/728452-diy-ona-odor-control-bucket-cheap-easy.html

    ^^for smell.

    its also hard as hell to keep it a secret. once you roomates know about it then their "bestfriends" now it then their "bestfriends friends" know it too.

    i promise it seems like a good idea but i would give you a 75% chance of getting caught
    just the truth man
  16. OK, I'll go there and then see if its possible. Like stoner14 says, I might try it in a dustbin or something round back.

    Cheers guys :)
  17. Take it from me man, I just graduated and when I was at college I saw several kids get busted in the dorms for smoking and growing. Like a previous poster said, it is a big green dot on their radar and they are always scoping for alcohol and pot. I smoked all the time in the dorms but I would go into my room, open the window and blow the hits outside, and also put a towel under the door. It's dangerous man I would not grow because then you get the 5 0 showing up at your door and your in big trouble. If you can find somewhere safe around town that is off campus in an alley or something or in a forest outside town that would be your best bet but do NOT grow in the dorms. Horrible idea. Good way to get kicked out of college and lose your future.
  18. OK, thanks. If its dangerous I'll find some woods or something. I'm in Wales, so shouldn't be too hard. I've got a strain in mind for that :)

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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