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  1. My wife and I recently were getting baked on the couch and had the nightly dilemma of what to watch. We stumbled upon a movie called Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away. Its a dramatic movie created through the Cirque du Solei acrobats. If you watch this high it is an incredibly emotional experience. You WILL CRY. I promise. Anyway, if you ever need to vent emotionally or just want to cry for two hours watch this. 

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    I have only cried while watching tv/movies twice in my life. Once was when everybody was being mean to the retarded main character in Radio when I was 12.
    The other time was watching Brody Stevens Enjoy it two weeks ago.
    Are you sure this will make me cry?
    Dam is that your ass? I doubt it but nice anyways :p 
    And i doubt it, sounds pretty gay to me. Plus who smokes weed to cry, id probably just laugh at the "sad" stuff.
    I think everyone asks that question to Macka B about dat ass
  5. Not really into sad. Now glad is nice - and happy as fuck is even better.
  6. I have been wondering this for months Ahaha. Everytime I see her/him post all I see is dat asss
  7. I am a guy, just love a good ass.
  8. In Castaway when Wilson floats away at the end .... That makes me cry every time Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Im just saying, I didn't watch it with intentions to cry, it just has that effect. And I also forgot to mention that you've got to be baked as fuck. When I wrote this post I WAS baked as fuck and probably just assumed every one else was also. 
  10. I cry a lot to movies that involve family or black people. Black people are sad peopleSent from my iPad Air
  11. Lol. You loner....
  12. Any movie that ever made me cry ( Million Dollar Baby, The Green Mile, Balto, Forrest Gump ) I've never seen again. Sent from my LS670 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    me too Its the only thing better than good weed :) except both lol
    Well at least in my case you assumed correctly :p the first thing i do when i roll out of bed is grab my bong. Weed gives me the ability to laugh at pretty much everything and i really doubt that this movie is an exception lol.
    Also maybe you didn't see it with the intention of crying but u are telling us to see it with the intention of crying so again even if we believed that this would make us cry, who smokes weed to cry? 

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