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  1. suppose i've lurked around here for a few years so I guess it's time to introduce myself. hi, i like to smoke. been getting annoyed with my tolerance lately, suppose i should take a break.

    just got a vaporizer, liquid pipe cleaner and some spice. the vaporizer was over priced ($80 cheaper online), too late to return, it's okay but i would rather have the vapir one with the bag kit. the liquid cleaner was awesome, cleaned the regular water bong really well and quickly however cleaning the sherlock bubbler was a longer process. both are hitting amazingly now and i will continue to get this cleaner. the spice is really nice, not spice gold or diamond, some brand called puff. i'm not sure i can see myself paying $40 a gram for something that isn't weed or coke lol. i did coke about a year ago off and on for about a few weeks, pretty much done with that for now..

    music i like: tool, a perfect circle, puscifer, mudvayne, nonpoint, slipknot... just a few off the top of my head.. i also like to 'find' new music, so feel free to share some titles..

    anyone else love adrenaline?

    i'm bored and random, you're turn.

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