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  1. anyways, hi. im bob from ohio. just took some robbitussin and thought i would check this place out. i was gonna get ccc's but this site said to check out robo gels and i did. thanks already. :)
  2. whats up bro. how many miligrams did you take
  3. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    The fact you actually bothered to research DXM a bit earns you some of my respect :D not many people bother and CCC's are very dangerous

    and yeah.... how many mg did ya take?
  4. Stick with the green man, tripping off cough syrup is for 9th graders, seriously.

    welcome to the city though :wave:
  5. :eek: Jolly, i'm surprised at you.

    DXM is fun as hell, and be a little more open minded will ya? jeez
  6. Welcome, Bob from Ohio.

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