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  1. Hi everyone,

    My name is Cathy but they call me kitty cuz I love cats! Love some feedback on how to clean my scs. thanks peoples. looking forward to some interesting conversations
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  2. Welcome to the city! :smoke:
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  3. Hey! What is a scs ?
  4. Santa Cruz shredder
  5. 90% isopropyl alcohol and q-tips.
  6. I soak mine over night in booze or iso add some salt if really grubby, ...great grinders they are too
    and some other nice bit and pieces https://santacruzshredderwholesale.com/
  7. Thank goodness. I thought it must be some special kind of litter box.
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  8. thank you
  9. your funny really. i liked that... so what state you in. I'm in new york
  10. hi again, I have a jar of kief and trying to figure out what to do with it. i read you can turn it into hash. DEo you know if that is true. Thanks kitty
  11. thanks
  12. thank
  13. I consider kief to be hash. If you want to compress it or melt it together you can ask Google but unless you have a large jar of kief I'd prefer to leave it as kief to smoke in a bowl, either sprinkled over bud or by itself in a small pile. Light just a corner of the pile and it'll smoke just fine.
  14. What up yo. we need more chick here. Welcome my angel.
  15. Meeowwwww ! and welcome to GC:D.
    My sister is a cat rescuer, she always has 30 cats at least in her house. I have 1 barn cat,pearl, she's a love:rolleyes:.

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