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  1. Hey everybody, new here.

    I'm a pretty big stoner, lol. Been lurking but never made an account so I did, more excited than ever!

    I recently just moved to Los Angeles so I'm getting acquainted with the whole legal weed thing, lol.

    Anyway, hoping to meet a lot of fun ass people on here!
  2. Hey Kush
    I may be fun, but definitely an ass..
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  3. Cheers man now roll one for folks not in the legal states lol
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  4. Right on lol
    Unfortunately, my noob expertise doesn't help me with rolling. Back home, all my buddies would roll for me, but over here... well I'm gonna have to learn, lol.
    I have about an ounce of Strawberry Cough with me and my bong.

    Probably gonna clear about a G and head to the beach.
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  5. I'm getting teary eyed jus thinking about strawberry cough that's some heavy hitting dank right there
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  6. Yummyyy. Can't wait to get acquainted to this legal weed thing too! Just gotta hurry up and legalize it lol...
  7. It was a good night, lol. I got to go sit by the beach stoned as fuck. Saw some birds. They were flying and shit. Met some cool dudes who ended up smoking me out (not sure what strain that was though)

    Unfortunately, we can't toke anywhere, but I did on the beach Saturday night.

    Damn I love this state
  8. Can't drink anywhere either (except the bar and some entertainment shows - but weed will get there soon!!!), seems pretty fair to me. I smoke in my house 99% of the time anyways, and it's not like I'd want to pull out a blunt and smoke it in public anyways, lol. Not a public smoker here. Partially because of stigma, other half is because I don't like being high in public myself.

    Hopefully soon it'll be legal nation-wide.

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