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  1. hi im new and i feel like shit
  2. Welcome and I feel like shit too!!!!!!!! I have 12 stitches in my head but tis all good!!!! Hope you like it here and you get to feeling better!!!!!!!!
  3. hi...i feel kinda shitty as well....i've got a bloody big cold sore that's pissing me off....welcome to the city....Peace out...Sid
  4. hey why ithe fu*k is everyone i meet such a set of borin stuck with a metal rod up there own arses twats
  5. What do you mean??...like guys??? or just people on the street, or people here at the city?....Peace out...Sid
  6. well probiably peeps on the street but guys n the girls ive just moved in with that just dont seem to know how to hav fun
  7. then you must show them the way

  8. Preach on brother DD, preace on.
  9. or some explosives
  10. nice place to start....

    explosives can be very fun!
  11. Could jesus microwave a burrito so hot it colud burn his mouth??????????????????????????????????????
  12. well im sure he burnt a few things in the microwave we cant all be birn masterchefs!!!!!!!!!
  13. i like burning shit, but eating it would hurt, fuck da police... would it hurt for jesus? let's ask him, he's standing over there by my roommate... oh btw, everyone seems stuck up, but you'll see their chill once you smoke some shit with them, mellow em out... especially if they are opposed to it morally.

    peace and good luck friend
  14. Pickup line: I'm attracted to you just like a fly is attracted to shit
  15. dog shit or horse shit? dog shit stinks more do flys like that
  16. Flies like all shit, the stronger the better! hehe
  17. fish like all stinks ,,the shityer the better

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