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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by turbohacker, May 18, 2006.

  1. Hello there people of grasscity.

    Im completely new to the growing area. I've smoked for about 2 years now, and was hoping to grow my own. I want to grow indoors.

    However, im on a tight budget, and i've looked around ebay.co.uk for some stuff and cant really dig anything up :(

    i've got a few ebooks on growing, but i think if i get stuck i shall ask...

    I will be hoping to start posting pics of my plants aswell.... but i'll be buying seeds, and i was wondering which ones are the best to get? I was also thinking of getting seeds from the females of my first grow, so i dont have to purchase more seeds, then removing all the males in the next batch.

    So, can anyone give me links to items which i can purchase? Links to seeds etc?

  2. u can always start out wit bag seeds... good smokes..... n will get u prepare for u next grow.... also helps u learn from da mistakes u did on da first grow which will be bag seeds..
  3. if you are growing on a tight budget, check out Nirvana seeds. all of their packs are 20.00 for a pack of 10. they have a huge selection.
  4. Go to drchronic.com i got 10seeds of northern lights for $28 shipped.
  5. I dont mind about the seeds, i mean about the equipment.

    Im from uk....

    I was looking on ebay.co.uk for like lighting equipment, fertilisers, fans, etc...

    anyone point me towards anything?

  6. Oh alright how many plants will you be growing ,how big is the box/room and how tight of a budget are you on?
  7. Around £100, maybe lil less...

    I can get seeds for £10

    About 35 - 40 inches high, maybe a lil more, depending on the sort of lighting i get.

    34 inches across

    I'll be growing about 2-4 depending on how much room i have after set-up

    Could i find all nessercary equipment on ebay?

  8. anyone? i really want to get started, and i cant if no-one will help :(
  9. if nobody wants to help, just wish people would say...

    i dnt like ignorance :(
  10. I don't think people mean to ignore you, it's just that most of the folks here are in the US and aren't familiar with sources for equipment for UK. That's the case with me for sure.

    That light is good for a cfl, very high wattage and good lumen output. If you cannot afford a HID that is a good option. I can't tell you though if that's the best choice or the best price. It will do the job for 2-3 plants.

    Good luck, and welcome to GC!
  11. Hey man, good luck first of all. Being in the U.K and on a strict budget, you are kinda on your own as far as that goes. Us here in North America could suggest all day long, but you would require a money for shipping, which often can end up more than the original product if shipped from here to there. What I would suggest is visiting various websites, research different applications, and decide what will work for your situiation. Then post your ideas/equipment you are thinking of getting, and we'll let you know, "DO IT" or "DON'T DO IT" As far as reflective goes, you mean for the grow room/box? I always use what I refer to as "poly" this is a plastic sheet which is black on one side, and white on the otherand can be bought at most home stores. The CFL's you are thinking of I think they screw into an ordinary light fixture. Another thing, there are a lot of nutrients here that I know arent available there due to laws, so, its going to be a lil different consulting you as opposed to someone in this counrty. We are here to help, so ask away, just make sure all info regarding the question is provided, so we dont have to ask a question to your question.
  12. Hey Kem, he can't run electrical equip for US in the UK, different current standards. There may be specialty dealers in the US that have the equip he would need but probably better to get something from a UK seller.
  13. ahhh ok then, no probs...

    maybe my excitiment of getting my own place, and being able to grow it, made me a bit impatient.

    Well, is there any uk sites? or.... any uk sections :)
  14. I went to google.co.uk then searched for "hps light" and got a gazillion hits from UK hydro shops and grow equip sellers. Try that yourself and modify the search as needed. They're out there...
  15. wel i saw on ebay a 250w HPS light, for £25

    im not sure whether that was a good bargain or not....

    i missed the auction now, so im kind of guted cuz it did look like agood offer...

  16. youll find more good offers on ebay. Just keep looking. How much is that in u.s. dollars?
  17. around $50 lol...


    could do about 3 plants right>? :)

    anyways, i do really appretiate all the help, i've seen all the journals n pics of other grows, and i cant wait till i get started and post mine :)
  18. ok, i've also seen a 750w lamp with ballast thing (not sure wot that is)

    for £60 and £10 p&p

    thats £70 (around $140)

    is that good, and could i put say a 400watt bulb in, or a 1000w bulb


    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  19. The bulb wattage must match the light fixture, not higher or lower.

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