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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by turbohacker, May 18, 2006.

  1. Hello there people of grasscity.

    Im completely new to the growing area. I've smoked for about 2 years now, and was hoping to grow my own.

    However, im on a tight budget, and i've looked around ebay.co.uk for some stuff and cant really dig anything up :(

    i've got a few ebooks on growing, but i think if i get stuck i shall ask...

    I will be hoping to start posting pics of my plants aswell.... but i'll be buying seeds, and i was wondering which ones are the best to get? I was also thinking of getting seeds from the females of my first grow, so i dont have to purchase more seeds, then removing all the males in the next batch.

    So, can anyone give me links to items which i can purchase? Links to seeds etc?

  2. So far in my experince the best thing to do is not to get to cheap when it comes to stuff your gonna need remember if I may quote someone "If you go cheap you grow cheap" and thats how it goes as far as a budget.

    As far as the strain you wanna grow: There are literally hundreds if not thousands of strains available online. But, you have to read up on this check the forums and then check the websites listed below and get all the info you need for your situation then make an educated guess at which strain you should grow.

    www.grasscity.com obviously

    You can go a couple of routes with your plants if your an adventurous grower you'll enjoy breeding, if your looking for yeilds you'll do better with cloning which in my opinion is the best if you start with a fire ass mother plant. I am sure there are various ways to breed though I am not familiar with that technique I would start off by getting some good clones off a mother and keeping the mom going. that way you can breed and clone.

    Thats about all I know for you questions man just remeber Lights, Air, Water!!!
  3. Since you are on a budget, I recommend using FLUOREX lights. I have been bugging my buddy to put the lights he carries on his Ebay store and he finally did.

    Here's a link to them: FLUOREX GROW LIGHTS

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