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    I am fixing to start building my own discrete/stealth box. Possibly out of a mini refrigerator or refrigerator, maybe even a cabinet or something. I am not looking to get as big as a tent though. I want to do something that looks natural like a refrigerator or a cabinet.
    I am looking into making some LED lights a carbon scrubber. But I am kinda stuck on what type of set up to start with. A DWC, ebb and flow or drip. I do want to do a hyro setup. I don't have anything against a soil set though. I guess I am just not done researching enough to figure out what exact direction to go to get started. I guess first things first I need to figure out my box and build from that.
    nice to meet you all.
  2. Welcome to GC man, and Glad your growing stealth. I have a little picture for you



    I Did the DWC, and its too loud for stealth, I would suggest a drip system, as ebb and flow is complex for a smaller space. I found my Cabi at GoodWill!!! Went from there ( i have cool tube, 250 cmh light, and exaust thro carbon
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    Thanks for the reply with pics. That looks about like just the right size. I am giving the drip more of a consideration now because of the stealth aspect.
    I have a couple of questions. Looks like you are working with soil also? Are those clay pellets you are using as a medium? Also did you take an extra cations with odor? Does it seal well? I was thinking with a right cabinet setup you could have alot of odor control inside the cabinet.
    I still really unsure because I am already growing my grow plans. I really just wanted to do a computer case grow. But cost vs. reward it seems cost wins. However, I really dig the mini-refrigerator set up as well as yours now. But, I feel you have a little more going on than I want to start out with.
    I really need to consider size as my first factor. I don't want to rush into any decision on this. Because I feel that is the way many people go wrong in general everyday events. Not to mention doing something against the law. I have to have a practice of self-discipline with this. I don't want to start out to big. But I don't want to start out to small either. I feel if I go to big to start I will get nervous and abandon the idea as non feasible. I would like to be able to keep this locked in my bedroom and be completely stealth other than maybe a little white noise from the electricity and fan. If I start to small I feel I will waste monetary resources I really don't have to begin with. Lets not kid ourselves, for many these days are very hard times. Start out to small and end up with something not really adequate to do what I want it to. Then I have to possibly spend more to "expand" so to say. I really don't want to do that. So choosing the optimum size for my cabinet maybe should be my first priority. But even if my cabinet ends up being a little big I guess I can still keep my grows small. I am thinking 3 plants max?

    Thanks again for your feedback.
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    Also what size carbon filter do you use? From what HTC Supply states I think a 4in one will surfice. also what the inside and outside dimensions of your setup
  5. I agree with you 100%. You want to be small enough (so if you get caught its only for PERSONAL USE), and so you can keep it from getting caught! I had the same thing in mind, but i also wanted some bud ya know. Out of my setup, which is now (not piuctured) a CRBON SCRUBBER to start off, pulling thro air to the cool tube (on the light) thro another fan out the cabinet. When i close the door, i put the foam shit, so its light tight, only light is from bottom but i didnt care enough to add a lighgt trap. The room doesnt smell, i built my own scrubber, but I did do alot of things that was bad in the beginning and had to refix. What you see in pic is DWC and the tubes and such, my light is 250 W. I now have the soil for the stealth, as flowerring doesnt matter in lenght as soil and hydro, veg mostly. I will be flowering clones for SOG next time so i dont care on the medium, but io needed stealth. I can barely hear the fans, and they are washed out by just adding a outside PC fan or such in the room.

    p.s. with seeds, this room cost me about 500 to 600, i yielded 3 OZ first harv, which is worth more than 600 to me.
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    Is HTG Supply about the best place to get stuff from? price wise and all? I guess the factor they are a real store and won't sell your information is worth something on its on. Probably worth any small price differences.
  7. I think I just found my cabinet.

    Coleman TR2 cabinet

    Its gonna end up being $200USD but I will save on having to install a lock.
  8. Welcome to GC and growing. It is so much fun, you are going to have a blast with it. Click the picture in my signature. It will take you to my custom stealth grow box build. It is exactly the size you're talking about.

    Also check out the link below my picture. It will help you out a LOT as well!

    Best of luck. If you have any questions, the "post your growing ?'s here" thread is great.
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    Waddup man. I just bought that cabinet a week or two ago, but haven't had the time to put it together. I figure I have at least another 3 weeks before my girls are ready for flowering anyhow.

    I'm planning on putting it together without any of the shelves, or the divider between the halves. The guy at the store said it wouldn't be a problem.

    Anyhow, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to woodworking and what not, so if you end up getting it perhaps we can share info on putting it together, getting it lightproof, etc. I have a humungous Can Filter 33 that I was wanting to hang in it, but I'm a little worried about the weight. I also need to figure out a way to hook up my 6 inch Can Fan as well.

    Got a thread started on it, but haven't updated it lately as I haven't had the time to mess with it.

    So, good luck man and keep us posted.

    Also, my favorite places to order from are Worm's Way for most everything, HTGSupply for lights, and BGHydro for things I can't find at the other two places.

    On edit: I forgot I wanted to link ya to a thread I found using the same TD2 I have and you're getting. Guy does a great job with it: http://www.growkind.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29240

    K, peace.
  10. Thanks for the link. I checked it out and thought it was pretty nice. The yeild he is getting is nice also.
  11. I have been doing more research. I have ordered my seeds. I am still debating on a light though. I like the digital ballast but I have an old house. I am concered about RF interference. Any ideas? I know I could go with a magnetic ballast but I am concered about the amps I will be pulling. The main reason I want to go with a digital ballast is because of the lower power usage.

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