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  1. First I would like to introduce myself... Hi Im me.. anyhow I am new here, I come from Los Angeles but work/live in Asia (mostly Bangkok)  Back home I was a medical user, but available herb here is CRAP.  It is compressed bricks mostly of leaves and sticks.  So I am looking at growing my own medicine here.
    I am thinking of growing in a tent, at least for clones and maybe a few mothers.  I have a few options, either get another tent for flowering, or grow outdoors (guerrilla in one or several of many heavily overgrown fields) or even on one of my private balconies... 
    I am finding it frustrating that things are so difficult to find here such as tents, lights, ph meters etc...  I have a local hydro shop that has a tent but its short and maybe 3X3 but they want $300!  They seem to be the only place with any kind of grow lights and have one 180w LED but again they want $400!
    My plan for a flowering tent is 4x4 and I think Im about to pull the trigger on a Mars II LED setup.  I would consider HPS, but I think heat will be a real issue here, plus I like to save electricity...  I am looking at the 14,15, and 16 models.  I travel to China pretty often (scheduled for next month) and can have the light shipped to my hotel and just hand carry back saving on shipping and import duties...
    I see the gorilla tent as being in the top tier of tents... but trying to find one local... I think shipping here to Thighland ;) would kill me.
    I am planning on growing organic... not that it matters much, but how does my light choice an tent size sound?
    I have heard of using CFL for a veg tent, but I used to be pretty heavy into salt water aquariums growing corals, and found you need so many CFLs as to use almost same wattage, and took up so much space it would increase my water temp (yeah I know I can just use more fans....) but also CFLs have a life span and lose PAR quite rapidly.  If I were to purchase a second LED setup for vegging clones and mamas in lets say 3x3 or 2x4, what size would you suggest?
    Thanks in advance everyone

  2. A Lil bit off your subject but I'm traveling from ca to Thailand in march so how bad is the bud and is it hard for a tourist to find some? I heard some police work with the dealers to scam people out of money?

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  3. It's crap to put it mildly... You won't get bud, you'll get leaves, sticks, and seeds, with just a little bud mixed in. I work here and don't due much of the touristy stuff and generally avoid touristy places like the plague... But yeah police are big time corrupt. The pull you over and expect you to give them some money and them they let you go. Weed here is expensive to get caught with. Be prepared to pay about $1000 if your caught. Sellers in touristy places work with the cops. You pay them for weed, they eat you out and the police pay the rat, then you pay the police.After a year I got some "decent" stuff here... Not good by any means but what you usually find gives you a buzz equivalent to ONE beer after smoking one or two big bowls. My recommendation... Don't botherSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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