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    I am a 17 year old from central Maryland and i smoke literally everyday. I have been smoking since the summer between 8th and 9th grade. Now im almost done with my junior year in highschool. when i could drive july of 2010 my life completely took off. that was also the year that i grew a mass amount. in april i prepared the regular ground soil, how i did it is another story. i have alot of woods surrounding my area so thats where i did it with a plan for failure. after planting 65 seeds from mids and couple from dank i basically left it. not really but i didnt do as much as i probably could have. come october it was time to harvest. luckily no one was in my house for a week so i was able to dry in my garage. i ended up yielding, are you ready?, 43,582 grams!! low to mid dank :smoke: basically moving it was my main issue. but it all worked out and i made $24,620.(had to sell cheap, me and friends smoked alot of it, gave some away, dont really care cause its not my main income). with the money i bought a new ipad, macbook air, and imac, all in one day and my parents didnt ask questions so i got lucky there. i know this sounds unbelievable and i can hardly believe it. i was wondering if in actual terms this was alot cause i obviously had to sell cheap to move it fast cause storage was an issue. im planting again here in a few days and i was wondering from more experienced growers if this drying method would work: maryland is usually pretty breazy, and in october the temperature hovers around 60. so would i be fine just hanging the weed in the woods on cloth lines in an area where sun doesnt hit? because obvioously living with my parents and them probably not leaving again i need somewhere to do it and my house is not an option. thanks to whoever can professionally answer this.
  2. this is sparta!!!!!!!!

    awesome harvest update though.
  4. Not like it matters and I had to put into contrast what I was able to do being a sophomore/junior.
  5. Man I'm a junior too but I'm 18;) anyways how did you manage all of those crops? I'm lookin to do my first grow. Got like 9 bag seed but they're dankys. The better Q is how didn't you manage them but yet still came out with a massive yield? Also how big were your plants? and did you plant in pots or ground? I just wanna know which to pick. Idk if I need any nutes, ferts, yada yada besides water, sun, and decent soil. Shed some light bruh
  6. Yo so here's exactly what I did. In an area near me there's tons of woods with ATV trails and its usuallypretty hilly. But there's one area that is lower down then anywhere else where everything is green. So I figured this is probably a good spot because everything florushes or however its spelled. It also has a few streems running through. The whole thing resembles a rain forest and three feet down I hit the water table. To prep the soil I gave every plant a two cubic foot area where i dug uup the dirt usually going deeper then 2 foot. I would then remove all the roots rocks and what not from the dirt then kinda slice it up with the shovel to make it loose. And then just fill the whole back up. I had two friends help me (if you do this make sure you can 100% trust them so the garden doesnt get spread to other ears). Within two days of this prep I put the seeds in. Didn't bother to get them started. I forget what its called but you know with the paper towels and the darkness tobmake the roots come out. The seed went in 1/2 into the ground and I lightly covered them with soil. I spread out the gardens so if one was hit by disease or peasts they all wouldnt suffer. Next I wrapped fishing line around tree surrounding so that deer and what not couldn't get to it. Another good technique is to drill a 3/16th inch hole into the bottom of a five gallon bucket and burry the bucket 6 inches into the middle of the garden and fill it with water and plant feed. I don't remember what feed it was but I'm sure you can find something. Anyways that kept it watered constantly for the mmost part. Check in about once a week. The plant height i had varied. I had some that were 5 1/2 foot and 2 foot. Depends on the strain. Basically they grew them selves. This should get you started or at least I would imagine it would. Seeds from mids works and usually can become decent dank. It just has to be dried properly. Oh and remember to remove males Immediately. Hope this helps dood :)

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