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  1. So you know that moment when you're siting in silence, when the green has got you so caught up in your own head...and you just realize something about the world or yourself that you've never seen before.
    Whether it's something silly and irrational, or logical and well thought out, the beautiful bud has helped you seen the world from a new perspective once again. It's a blast! I call them High Epiphanies or Hi-phanies.
    I made this thread because I thought it would be fun to record some of them.

    My friends and I have fashioned a whole imaginary company after them. The ones we come up with that are the most ridiculous we dub Shenanigans

    Anyway. What about your guys?

  2. I can't seem to get the thoughts to make much sense, but they do indeed feel like epiphanies. I've tried writing while in this ecstatic state, and this is what comes out....

    \t \t \t \t \t \t May the light of life cauterize our erudition, scarring it like consequence without reason. Vessels of minutiae become leaden like statues, and in the stones I see misery.

    It is nothing, but nothing is sin.

    Why do I fear the jagged lines and obtuse shapes? It's not as if we could become snakes, perpetually molting into better skins. We were all once apostates to our rapturous kin. Shed a light upon them, and your light will never dim.

  3. and shortly after........

  4. Turn your foot clockwise and draw a 6 in the air with your right hand was the best hi-iphany I saw/did thanks to GC :)

    I'm the baby gotta love me... ha!
  5. Yes. I love that moment of hi-ery where everything is utterly peaceful. I like to look at the sky. Shit is fuckin awesome.
  6. lol yeah, it's crazy what sifts through our brains. one of the things my friends and i came up with is a house bear. which is a genetically enhanced bear that is the size of a cat....how much fun would that be? another Shenanigans is that we're of course going to write a movie about lives as stoner's....actually i believe we have running ideas for both a movie and a sitcom.

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