HI. I'm new ^^

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    Hey blades, first real thread here. Been in the city a while I just haven't spoken much. I'm based out of the American Southwest. I found this place because I have an interest in cultivating some of my own green, due to legal and personal reasons I can't just yet, however I am an avid gardener [​IMG]
  2. Morning, UK here. Just joined too.

    Blades is a grass metaphor right? I'm a bit naive.
  3. yay im new too :D

    from what i can tell blade is a word for someone on GC
  4. it's so shit being new. it's more fun to be ... established
  5. Welcome! Enjoy your time on GC, blade! Smoke on.
  6. I can see the future ... it's involves a drug dealer and a carrier bag.

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