Hi, I'm new here and new at growing. I need some tips on lighting distance.

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  1. Well simple as that, I'm new to growing. I have an Apollo 300w led light, in a 2x4x8. I wanted to know what is the appropriate distance for seedlings?
    Vegetative stage?
    Flowering stage?

    Led info
    LED Panel 300W
  2. With leds you can get really close. As long as the back of your hand isn't burning, then neither are the plants. For seedlings I'd keep them a foot or two away, but during aggressive veg, put them as close as you can get and still achieve the light spread you desire.
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  3. Thank you so much.
  4. There's a really good thread on here from "ANTICS", an experienced LED grower, showing a cook-off between the MARS and Platinum brands of LED's. You can view the whole thread here: PlatinumLED Mars-Hydro comparison grow
    But to quickly summarize his recommendations:
    Seedlings - 22-24" if the plants start to stretch (growing spindly, stretching toward the light), lower it a little.
    Vegetative growth - 18 - 20"
    Flower - 16 - 18"
    Finishing - 14"

    Trich recommended the "back of the hand" test, and I use that too, but I am primarily an HID light user. I have heard that since LED's run cooler than HID's, they might still bleach a plant from light intensity rather than heat, if they are too close. So watch your plant closely. If the leaves start fading, raise the light a bit. Listen to your plant and she will tell you what she wants.

    Oh, yeah, and this is important ... if you use the back of your hand method, and the back of your hand bursts into flames, it was too close to the light. Don't do that. :smoking-bong:
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  5. Thank you,and yes I saw the seedling this morning, it was bleached lol. So i left it outside to get some natural sunlight, while I figure out the height for it. I'm using led because I've heard that the resin production is a lot heavier, but yield will be low.
  6. I'm curious, can a seedling in heal itself? If the height of the light was corrected
  7. Yes, just don't let it dry out & it may recover. Cross your fingers.

  8. Hey man thanks, I corrected the height yesterday, and to my amazement, the seedling is standing strong, it unbleached itself. Looks healthy green again, and it's not stretching. Thank you again guys.
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